WhatsApp for Business: Why App is Great for Companies

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15615284542_961c6f08a1_zOne of the major tools in use nowadays in business is the use of social media platforms for some aspect of the work. Lately, one of the more popular ways for communication not just for social means but for business has been WhatsApp.

The value of WhatsApp

What makes WhatsApp very useful for business is detailed in a study conducted by Lasse Rouhianen. The study yielded the following facts:

  1. WhatsApp currenly has over 500 million users, with many of them daily users of the application;
  2. WhatsApp operates with all mobile operating systems;
  3. WhatsApp costs less than standard SMS text messaging services, as it costs only USD0.99 per year;
  4. WhatsApp is very user friendly and quick to use;

Why WhatsApp is valuable for business

For business, WhatsApp provides speed of communication, a very high probability of being read by its recipients, high frequency of use, high quality of communication and because of its ease of use, has become the preferred medium of communication not just for social purposes but now for business discussions.

Even business processes have changed to a certain extent when an entrepreneur uses WhatsApp. The information is easily sent out directly to their target recipients wherever they are situated in real time. There is now a trend that mobile devices provide not only greater portability as well as reliability in work performance. It is this tr
end which makes WhatsApp so attuned to the needs of business, especially of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

WhatsApp recognition of business value

WhatsApp, according to recent profile written found here, now can provide direct assistance in many of the processes in business. The application is a great tool for sales and marketing, as it is able to reach out individuals through their mobile devices. It also has become handy for customer support, as the problem solvers are able to communicate directly with the client instead of getting it second hand from an intermediary. Internal communications within a company can also be done through WhatsApp, with its closed group functioning at real time.

Clearly, WhatsApp takes communication to a whole new level, as the social media platform has become the norm in business.

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