WhatsApp For Android Tip: How To Watch YouTube Videos

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Looking for a way to easily share videos from YouTube directly to your WhatsApp contacts? Want to play those clips right from the thread? Check out our guide.

WhatsApp, currently the world?s most popular mobile messenger, supports video sharing but only by letting you send clips saved on your phone. In other words, you cannot share anything that isn?t already on your device or any video posted on YouTube.

While waiting for WhatsApp to release an update that addresses this, see how you can get around this problem by checking out tutorials we?ve provided below.

Sending videos from YouTube to WhatsApp

That YouTube-WhatsApp integration would be such a handy feature for users of both apps. However, it is highly unlikely that it will push through since Google owns YouTube and Facebook owns WhatsApp. These two technology giants competes in some areas of our massive mobile digital space. A Facebook-WhatsApp integration is more plausible and we?re already seeing how the social network plans to do it.

Even though WhatsApp doesn?t play YouTube videos natively or right within the conversation thread, it?s still possible to share videos from the video-sharing app to your WhatsApp contacts. In order to do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Launch the YouTube app.
  • Search for the video that you want to share then tap on it.
  • Tap on the ?Share? button. A menu will appear and will show WhatsApp as one of the app choices.
  • Choose WhatsApp and from the new window pick the right contact you want to share the video with.

That contact will then receive a link of the YouTube video. Once they tap that link, the app will prompt them to choose which application they want to use to open it with. YouTube would be in the list of options along with other mobile browsers.

Sharing YouTube videos on WhatsApp and playing them in-line

The abovementioned workaround only allows you to share links but still use the YouTube app to play the shared video. If you really want to have your contact watch the clip right from the thread you may have to resort to downloading the actual YouTube video. Videoder is an excellent choice for downloading YouTube file to your Android phone. It lets you choose what ?save format to use and share it directly to your chosen social networks or messaging client.

Videoder is not available in Google Play but you can head over to the app?s official website to download the installer. Once installed, you?ll see a video search option in the interface?s upper portion. Look for the video you like and tap on it so you can view it and choose the desired downloaded output format.

Aside from several video formats such as Webm, MP4, FLV or 3GP, the app also lets you choose to download just the audio file (in MP3) of the video you want. After downloading the file, it will be saved on your device?s local storage and from there you?re free to share to you’re WhatsApp friends or to whatever messaging application you choose.


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