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Hey there Bitbaggers, The guy who’s fat but never eats here talking. Today I was standing in line at the bank, and whilst giving twitter shit I started thinking to myself, “What is the big obsession with game of the year?” So that got me thinking, “with all the gamers out there, what does a? few opinions from a few sites matter? Everyone has been getting on Jaffe’s ass for saying his favorite game.” Again that got me thinking, “How about we have a social experiment with the fans of the site?”? Which inevitably led to, “How in the world would I do this,” and “Where should I have lunch?” The answer was Wendys.

Now with a warm meal in me, and having been sitting in the chair at my office for twenty minutes I figured it out. In order to show how diverse we are, we are going to do something really scientific. No it doesn’t involve math (Thank God) but it does require participation from you. You are to list one game in the comment section bellow that you think should be GOTY, and maybe shed a little light as to why you chose that particular game. This is great considering Torrence and his staff of professional gamers are about to announce the nominees for GOTY. So whilst thou still has thy sanity your choice should look something like this,

Assassins Creed II


Assassins Creed II – Now I know that everyone is going to be up in arms about the whole Uncharted 2 thing, and I loved the game. I think it’s great that Uncharted 2 is getting the awards, but it just fell a little short on my books this year thanks to the second creed of assassins. I particularly liked the game because of it’s crack level of addictive gameplay. This is the first game that has been able to keep my attention long enough for me to get every trophy. And even though I’ve played through it twice in less than two months, it is a game that I could pick up and play, right now, all over again. And of course would enjoy the living shit out of it.

So Bitbaggers, what is your favorite game of this past year? And yes, that is my honest opinion. Oh and remember, flame responsibly 😉

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