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What’s This Buzz About Superman and Other Characters in Batman: Arkham Knight?

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This early and people just can?t seem to get enough of their favorite Dark Knight. In the series Batman: Arkham, the Dark Knight is pitted time and again against familiar foes as he races against the clock to finally end the feud between them once and for all. This series is comprised of three titles: Batman, Arkham Asylum, which was released in 2009. Then came ?Batman: Arkham Origins?, which saw its release last year. And this year, talks and speculations abound with the latest release in the series, ?Batman: Arkham Knight?.

A little background: 2009?s ?Batman: Arkham Asylum? introduced us to a Dark Knight constantly chasing after an escaped Joker, racing against time as he tries to stop the Clown Prince of crime from destroying Gotham. Assuming that he?s had success with that, Arkham City followed. In this game, Hugo Strange expands Arkham to encompass a dilapidated and hopeless part of Gotham City. This, in effect, turns Arkham Asylum into a super-prison, and to add to that, he also incarcerates Batman. Now Batman must once again prove himself worthy of the mantle of the Dark Knight, and in the process, he must uncover Strange?s evil plot behind it all.

image courtesy of and Rocksteady Studios

image courtesy of and Rocksteady Studios

Arkham Knight focuses on Batman?s successful foiling of the Joker?s plans, only this time, he faces off with another classic Gotham villain, the Scarecrow. Not only that, the Dark Knight must face-off with Gotham?s most fearsome villains, in an effort to keep himself alive. Scarecrow has hatched a plot wherein the main focus is to kill the Batman.

Rocksteady, the game studio behind the series, has since announced that the latest game will also be the last. While it is sad to see a series end, as with most, the last and latest game in the series promises a lot of fireworks. For instance, they have hinted that a lot of his allies from the league are set to join the Dark Knight on his latest adventure.

The voice cast for the game has been announced and updated, and some names were added to the list. However it was also reverted recently, only showing a list of the cast which were already announced. The page where the added cast was announced did show that Superman was set to join the fun, though. Why Superman would join is just about anybody?s guess, but for speculation?s sake, hopes are that it is a sign toward Superman making a big comeback in video games. The gaming industry does lack a good and well-designed Superman game.

Other characters that were rumored to have been set to join the mix are Dick Grayson (Nightwing), once Batman?s Robin; Michael Lane (Azrael), who once took over for Bruce Wayne when he couldn?t perform his duties as the Dark Knight; and Damien Wayne (the current Robin), Bruce?s son with Talia al?Ghul, and eventual heir to the mantle of the Bat. A lot of these characters are only borne out of speculation or hearsay, but it is hopeful that they are set to be included in the game. After all, this is the finale, and Rocksteady is expected to pull all the stops into making this as memorable of a finale as finales are.

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