What’s in store for you with the PS4 Update 5.0?

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A fictional PS4 game has gotten plenty of attention. [Image from PlayStation]

PS4 has been a tough competitor for Xbox One and has managed to give the best to its users. With the leaked update last week, Sony has revealed the patch officially.

Before we begin, let me tell you that you’re in for a massive update with many features that have been demanded by many PS4 users. These features will improve the system’s overall functionality. The update is out today, and select beta users will be in a position to enjoy the improvements that can possibly change the entire experience of the users.

So, to start with, you can look at the improved built-in broadcasting capabilities of the gaming console. Pro users will be in a position to stream in 1080p and even 60 FPS. However, the user’s connection should be strong. For PSVR users, the update is important because it gives them the ability to see new messages and even comments that will be viewed while broadcasting. With this, they even get the added support of 5.1ch and 7.1ch virtual surround sound. Gaming business is bound to increase with these updates and business owners will bank on the virtual surround sound. Business for the company and gaming centers are important, and Sony understands the same.

Next, users will find the amazing Friends List being updated. Now, the users have the ability to enjoy this feature with great management tools that should improve the overall gaming experience. This feature replaces the Favorite Groups tab that was not the best with great efforts from the company.

Quick Menu on the PS4 is as important as business articles on Feras Antoon. So, the company has updated it to reduce the time wasted on scrolling through the menus. Along with Quick Menu, notifications have even been upgraded. So, while watching TV and films, you can disable message as well as other notification pop-ups. Additionally, you get an option to change the length of the message displayed when playing any form of content.

Lastly, an upgrade to the Parental control feature makes a huge difference to the usage of the gaming console. A number of features were requested, and Sony has delivered accordingly. Now, you can use “Family on PSN” and make it easy for you to control what the child enjoys when using the gaming console. Also, the replacement of the old Master/Sub account system is being considered satisfying. So, a parent or guardian can now set up other accounts and ensure that a certain set of features are available for use for children. For instance, a parent or guardian can restrict child accounts as far as the use of online features and even communication with other players are concerned. Also, spending limits for PlayStation Store can be set now.

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