What’s next for Conor McGregor?

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Conor McGregor was stunned by a surprising loss against Nate Diaz at UFC 196 when Rafael dos Anjos bowed out of the competition after injuring his left foot. The Irishman eventually suffered his first UFC loss, but that doesn?t mean it will stop him for reaching bigger goals.

?It is what it is. I was fighting a heavier man,? McGregor admitted in an interview, according to The Telegraph. ?He could take a shot and remain in your face. Like Nick dies. In the second I was hitting glove. He stayed in my face, capitalised on it. I make no excuses. I took a chance, I came up short.?

McGregor was unable to deliver his word on beating Diaz, but he didn?t regret the decisions he has made. ?No regrets about coming up. No regrets absolutely not. I enjoyed the build up. It was an enjoyable fight. We were talking in there. We live and learn. I haven?t stopped in a long time a crazy couple of years,? McGregor said. ?Two years and I?ve burst onto the scene but I?m still enjoying it. I think UFC 200 is there for me, but I?ll figure it out in the morning.

?I?m heartbroken.?

McGregor versus who?

UFC 196 just recently ended, but people are already talking about UFC 200 that will take place on July 9. The most probable fight that McGregor would have is against Jose Aldo. According to ESPN, there are two deserving fighters who can compete for a title shot with Jose Aldo being the first and Frankie Edgar second.

Both have proven to be a good match for the Irishman, but it seems like a rematch between McGregor and Aldo may prove to be more compelling.

Who do you think should McGregor face in his next match? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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