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Mix10 compact For those of you interested in what?s happening with WP7 (Windows Phone 7 Series) you can watch the main keynotes at the MIX10 Virtual Pressroom I will update this post as I watch so check back often.

– The main screen is customizable much like the iPhone.

– Contacts will have multiple tabs for contact information and social networks.

– WP7 has native support for Facebook and Twitter in contacts.

– Every WP7 is a Zune Media Player!, Take that iPhone.

– WP7 will work with all Zune Apps and music.

– Silverlight is a programming tool for developers on the WP7.

– Silverlight enables ad revenue base for app programming.

– Picture hub also has native social network support.

– Third party apps can be used as extensions? accessible in areas it will be used, e.g.. photos.

– Xbox Live Achievements are in WP7 Series games.

– Xbox live avatar is on main hub of phone.

– There will be free development tools for WP7.

– You do not have to have hardware to develop apps, there is a full emulator in Silverlight.

– There is a Netflix instant watch prototype already made.

– WP7 works with full Silverlight and .net support.

– Comic book app for WM7!

– Apps will have access to location and maps ? Foursquare.

– Apps will have access to microphone ? Shazam.

– WM7 will have accelerometer support.

– XNA will also support WM7! 2d and 3d

– WM7 marketplace will have try and buy!

hope all the updates wet your appetite for WP7!

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