What Will Become of Xbox 360 Now That Xbox One is Around?

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Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Is Xbox 360 done for? If you?re an active gamer who spends his or her time looking up on forums or community posts about the latest games, you should have seen some heated arguments about a game being dumbed down for the last generation?s sake, or about games with limited scope because they needed to be tailored fit for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Some ?groups are voicing out that they aren?t ready to ditch their last-gen systems anytime soon, or they cannot afford the new one just yet.

No need to worry though. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer certainly saw the ?points on both sides, but he stated that they can still see millions of players on the 360. It would seem that the Xbox team has no plans on abandoning their support for the older system just yet. “If you bought your Xbox 360 a year and a half ago, I think we have an obligation there.” Spencer said.

“We’re going to sell millions more Xbox 360s before this generation is done and when people make a ?100+ commitment to us, they’re [sic] gonna come in and buy an Xbox 360, I want to make sure that there’s content for them. It’s an investment in the new generation of consoles, not every game is going to go to 360, but I want to make sure the 360 has a healthy line-up of software from us and from third parties. And I think that’s important, Not everyone bought an Xbox One at launch”

According to Spencer, most third parties will continue supporting both generations for a couple of years more.

Developers of the PlayStation exclusive title, Destiny, said that Xbox 360 still has a lot of potential as a gaming machine. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PlayStation 4 and PC looks more gorgeous compared to its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts, but these versions aren?t bad either.

There?s no need to worry about getting left out with the stream of the ?latest games with Xbox One just yet. Maybe 2 to 4 more years, and that?s quite long enough to save up and buy the latest console (just? before Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 comes out)

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