What To Expect From The New, Overhauled Yahoo Mail App for Android

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the new Yahoo Mail app for Android

Yahoo unveiled a heavily revamped rendition of its Yahoo Mail app for Android, weeks after it launched the iOS version of the app. Similar to the iOS-compatible email application, the new Android app will not only show your regular email inbox, it will also feature three tabs that include Yahoo News, Yahoo Today, along with the Mail tab.

Aside from routine performance improvements and bug fixes, upon using this updated email app you will notice a very different interface from the previous version. You can navigate to the three main tabs by swiping the phone screen left and right. Another option is to tap on one of the three icons located at the top portion of the app?s interface. While these functionalities are available for the Android app, in the iOS version, users can only tap on those icons (not swipe) which can be found on the lower part of the screen.

The first tab shows the mail inbox. Not much has changed in this part of the app. All emails are displayed in neat email threads and arranged in a chronological order. The second tab is the Yahoo News tab, also called ?All Stories.? This part contains a personalized news feed that can include everything from political news to Hollywood gossip. Meanwhile, the Today tab shows a Google Now-ish feed that contains sports scores, weather updates, popular videos & photos courtesy of Flickr, as well as headline news (yes, ?news? again).

Yahoo Mail?s Senior Product Manager Andrew Molyneux mentioned via a blog post that many users are becoming more engaged in the Yahoo Mail app not just because of checking emails. They learned that aside from checking their inbox more frequently, users are spending more time in the app browsing news, sports updates and viewing photos. For these reasons, Molyneux said that their team decided to direct the new Yahoo Mail update to address this trend. They aim to improve user experience by ensuring that they no longer need to switch between different apps (and just stay within Yahoo Mail) to tackle their need for various types of information.


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