What to do if your apple device gets hacked and Ways on how to protect your iPhone, iPad and Mac

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Hacked Apple Devices Hacked
Hacked Apple Devices Hacked

Recently, a massive attack on Apple devices took place, ?hijacking? them. Hackers managed to remotely ?access? iOS and Mac devices, locking them down and asking for a $100 ransom. As outlandish as it may sound, it did happen. The unsuspecting victims just found their iDevices and Macs with the ?lost? iPhone alert tone, and showing the name of ?Oleg Pliss?. The name of the person who takes responsibility of hacking their devices. It also states that it will only unlock their device if they pay him through a provided Paypal account.

For people who stumbled upon this sick joke, Apple advises that they just have their device?s data wiped out and go through a complete reset. As to how this hacker managed to get the login credentials to the devices is yet unknown, it would be best to prevent it from happening again, or happening at all if your device is still ?untouched.

One good move is to reset your password as soon as possible. There have been numerous attacks on big sites like eBay, and Adobe. If you?re a person who uses a unified password, you might have a change of concept now on how you manage your passwords. There?s a big chance that the hacker finds a login credential of a person on a different site, then uses it for another one.

Enable the 2-step iCloud verification if you haven?t.? This greatly decreases the risk of having your account compromised. Just go to ?My Apple ID?, then select ?Manage your Apple ID,? and sign in. From there, select ?Password and Security?, and under Two-Step Verification, just tap or select “Get Started” and the rest will be easy to follow.

Now, if your devices have already been ?hacked?, there?s something that you could actually do to fix it without having to pay $100. However, this involves erasing data that you weren?t able to backup in iTunes. This is what georz instructed:

  • Turn off your device
  • Plug your cable into your computer and launch iTunes (but do not plug the phone via the cable at this point)
  • Press and hold the Home key on your turned-off iPhone for about 10 seconds
  • If nothing happens, plug the cable into your device while continuing to hold the Home button
  • Keep holding Home until a picture of iTunes and a cable appear on your screen
  • iTunes should see your device as an unidentified device
  • Select Restore Factory Settings
  • iTunes will download and install fresh software and your device will reset
  • You will be prompted to Restore the device, do this via iTunes, not the phone

This will restore your iDevice to a working state, but again, if you failed to back up other stuff on your iDevice, there?s no way to get them back anymore. Also, be aware that you have to keep your computer ?Active? for the entire duration of this process. This means, it cannot go on hibernation mode or standby, or it will just fail and make things more complicated.

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