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What is Siri and How To Utilize It

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Siri is Apple?s personal assistant that helps users to get things done simply by asking. It allows users to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more by using their voice. And if there?d be times that Siri could not understand a user?s natural speech, Siri asks questions for more information in order to complete a task.

For the best experience using Siri, you need to know more to get more from it. So, here are some simple yet important things you need to know to utilize and get started with Siri.


Talking to your handset may look like a weird thing, but when Siri answers, you?d say, ?it?s pretty cool!? So, here is how you can ask Siri.

  1. Hold down the Home button and you’ll hear two quick beeps.
  2. Then you will see on the screen of your device a message from Siri that reads, “What can I help you with?
  3. Begin speaking to request something. You?ll notice on the screen an audio wave that moves across, which means that Siri is listening and processing your request. Once you’ve started a dialogue with Siri, tap the microphone icon to talk to it again.

Aside from this, you can also talk to Siri using your headphones and Bluetooth headsets. For headphones with a remote and microphone, press and hold the center button while for Bluetooth headset, press and hold the call button to bring up Siri.

Since Siri is listening, you?ve got to let it know that you are done talking to him. How? You can do it by tapping the audio wave. Then it is Siri?s turn to let you know what it heard from you plus its response to you. And if you asked Siri through your earphones or a headset, Siri will then read back whatever you?ve dictated.



Here are the things and information that you can ask Siri for. Siri works out of the box and looks into these details to better understand what you?re saying.

  • Phone
  • FaceTime
  • Dictation
  • Music
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Alarms
  • World Clock
  • Timer
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • Web search
  • Wikipedia search
  • Wolfram|Alpha (English only)
  • Find My Friends
  • Post on Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • App launch
  • Maps
  • Local search

Moreover, Siri can understand and can speak different languages such as:

  • United States (English, Spanish)
  • United Kingdom (English)
  • Australia (English)
  • France (French)
  • Germany (German)
  • Japan (Japanese)
  • Canada (Canadian French, English)
  • China (Mandarin)
  • Hong Kong (Cantonese)
  • Italy (Italian)
  • Korea (Korean)
  • Mexico (Spanish)
  • Spain (Spanish)
  • Switzerland (French, German, Italian)
  • Taiwan (Mandarin)


You may ask, can I use Siri even without internet connection? No. For Siri to work, be sure that you are connected to the Internet using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

In addition, you need, (of course) to turn Siri on. Go to Settings > General > Siri. That?s it! But you must also make sure that you are using the correct language for your region.

To avoid problems with Siri, be as specific as possible when you?re asking for something to get done, and ensure that Siri can clearly hear you. If it fails to clearly understand what you are saying, here?s what you must do:

For iPhone 4s, make sure that the bottom microphone, which is located at the left of the dock connector, is not blocked. For iPhone 5, verify if both the mic in the receiver opening and the mic near the rear camera are not blocked. For iPod touch (5th generation), check if your mic near the rear camera is not blocked. For iPad (3rd generation), look at the mic (at the top center), above the FaceTime camera, if it is not blocked. And for all models, try to remove the protective case, if you?re using one. Try turning your device off and then on again.


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