Have You ‘Watched’ Hidden Fences? Here’s Why It’s Going Viral

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Hidden Fences
Hidden Fences

We’ve just survived our first week into 2017 as a species and unsurprisingly, the Internet is already full of shenanigans. The latest trending topic these past days is “Hidden Fences.” Many people are downright confused with just what Hidden Fences are, while those in the know are having fun trolling everybody else while mocking the Golden Globes.

So just what is Hidden Fences and why is it going Viral? Read on and you’ll be up to speed!

Hidden Fences

Hidden Fences is the much anticipated fake film this year (seriously). It all started with a number of slip ups during the Golden Globes, soon netizens had picked up the Hidden Fence slip ups and promptly made it a new Internet meme.

The big comical slip up happened when Golden Globes hosts had accidentally made up the fictional film. Hidden Fences is the result of combining Hidden Figures (a real film) with Fences (another real film) to create “Hidden Fences.”

The host in question was Jenna Bush Hage. Hage made the embarrassing slip up during a pre-show inteview with Pharrelll Williams. Williams had worked on the music that was feature in the film Hidden Figures.

Hidden Figures is a film that revolves around Space Travel. Fences on the other hand is about the story of a sanitation worker’s dream of playing baseball in the major league.

2nd Time

We could let go of Jen Bush Hage’s mistake but the problem is, Hidden Fences didn’t just end with Hage. Michael Keaton had later made the same mistake when he was introducing the award for best support actress.

Hidden Figures and Fences are two very different films and it is pretty hard to mistake one from the other. This is why netizens have been mocking the whole mishap online.

However, some speculate that the big mishap was due to both films starring African American casts. This speculation later fueled netizens’ rants by mocking the film industry’s treatment towards black actors.

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