What Is 2017’s Color Of The Year: Meaning, Predictions, How To Pull It Off

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2017 Color Of The Year

It?s that time of the year again, color experts at Pantone have already predicted which color is going to be popular in the upcoming year. 2017 color of the year is a zesty yellow-green dubbed Greenery. According to Pantone, which is a global color authority according to themselves, the color is revitalizing, as well as symbolic of new beginnings.

Introducing the 2017 Color Of The Year: Greenery

According to Behr Paint?s Vice President of Color Erika Woelfel, Greenery is a darker lime that brings nature into the home. In addition, it will make the people think about the beauty of lush forests, as well as gardens. Pantone Greenery 15-0343 is a confident, and optimistic color.

However, four walls painted with the said color could be overwhelming. In that case, Woelfel suggested that it should be used as an accent color. According to Woelfel, people should at least paint one wall in the living room, a piece of furniture or something that people wanted to become a focal point. Furthermore, using the color on a home?s door would also create a welcoming environment for the guests.

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Here?s How To Pull 2017 Color of the Year

2017 Color Of The Year

First off, people should get a feel for the room. Color brings all sorts of feelings. Hence, this energetic green color would be best suited in a room where there?s activity. In that case, consider using the Greenery color in the dining room or in the living room where the family members usually gather.

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People should also consider the color of the lighting. This shade of green would also add energy for a room that doesn?t get much light. However, it is important to realize that the natural light of a room changes throughout the day. In addition, the light from the bulbs would also affect how people will perceive the color.

In that case, the perfect thing to do is to paint large swatches on your walls and then casually look at them throughout different times of the day.

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