What If: Gaming Was A Way Of Life

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This year has brought about a lot of innovative ideas in the gaming industry, and more to expect by the end of this year as well. With a bit more of a future hindsight, what else could we use to enhance our gaming experience? For sure, it can benefit both the casual and hardcore market if applied properly. What I have in mind, could be by far, a revolutionary idea that can change the very foundations of how we, the gamers and consumers, allow the gaming universe into our own lives extensively.

What if there was a card that we could use as both credit and debit in the real world, but would dramatically affect our games or characters in the virtual world? Consider this, this card, as we can call it the ?Gamer Visa? and with it we can create a very much unique setting and change the course of how we play games by simply interacting with the real world. For example, let?s introduce John Doe and he has a video game called ?Gamerverse.?

With Gamerverse, John Doe is left with very few things to play within the default settings and items. There are various kinds of genres that your own avatar can be used in, such as RPG, FPS, platformers, racing, etc. However, in order to acquire more equipment, levels, stages and enemies in each of those genres of games in Gamerverse, John will have to buy purchase materials from the real world. So, let?s say that he loves to work out and frequently goes to Gold?s Gym, and he uses the Gamer Visa to purchase a month?s membership. In the Gamerverse, his avatar will be given an item to help build up his strength, dexterity, agility, and hit points.

Another example would be if John were to buy a litter of Coca-Cola, a bag of chips and beef jerky. Then his avatar would receive health restoring items! In other words, whatever he does in real life, it will immediately affect his avatar. You want your barbarian to be the strongest? Then so should you by going to a gym, but the option to actually work out is entirely up to you. There would be other methods to receive such bonuses, but it would make this article way to long and boring. Though the thought of having a card that keeps the interaction with your games with what?s happening in the real world makes it all the more interesting.

For a person who enjoys FPS games, we will use John Doe again. Mr. Doe wants to get a special laser rifle that has some of the best stats, but would he need to go to a gun store and purchase a gun? Not so! The options before him are that he could purchase a certain of items in real life that would create a credit in the Gamerverse. So whatever the amount he spent in real life would go to his avatar as virtual credit.

This could be a bit tricky, since gaming companies would have to has some sort of advertising contract with various product companies. For example, Square-Enix would have to allow Pepsi to advertise their product in S-E?s game. However, this product would have to be made known that it can only be purchased in that game within the Gamerverse and not in real life. So in order for players to get a health potion that replenishes 100 hit points to all party members, a player would have to buy a six pack of Pepsi (or another brand from the same company). To advertise the virtual product, Pepsi would then have to gain the rights from S-E to use their name, the game?s name and the image of the virtual product on the one in real life (be it on any Pepsi product or TV/movie ad). You want the best racing car in the Gamerverse? Keep up that virtual credit with your daily purchases, or just pay for your gas!

The main point of what I?m trying to make, is that people are already paying way too much in this economy and having to pay more for something that lasts for such a small amount of time isn?t enough. Whenever I play Final Fantasy XIII, I tend to get bored of having to go through tedious amounts of chores in order to get one special weapon for one stupid character. Why waste so much time for that when I can simply have one created through the daily activities I go through in real life? This way I can still get that weapon and have my time well spent in real life. I am a true gamer, but I have a life as well.

These are just ideas that flow through the seemingly endless conscious that is my mind. Oh yes, take what I say with a grain of salt.

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