What Happened to this Woman Will Remind You Not to Run the Red Light

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A video featuring a disgusting road accident is now the latest talk of the town. The viral clip should remind bikers not to run the red light. If you?re having a hard time following the rules, you need to see what happened to the woman in the clip.

What happened in this viral clip can also explain why a biking gear should not be limited to just a helmet. A woman?s foot got ripped off after a biker runs a red light. The biker, who appears to be her boyfriend, drove like a total moron just to show off to his friends.

Running the red light caused them to t-bone a car which was then driving through the intersection. The bike slammed sideways. The woman was thrown upwards through the air and she does not look okay at all.

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It is apparently the biker?s fault but it was the woman who rode with him who suffered the horrific outcome. The woman could have lost her foot forever. The biker, on the other hand, seemed okay.

The woman can be seen remaining in her position. The witnesses are screaming and someone was yelling to call 911. It?s a type of clip that should remind girls, and boys, not to go on a ride with a careless biker.

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Motorcycle Boots

The viral clip has earned various reactions from internet users. A Reddit user named Q2TheBall 9 hopes that the woman is okay. Some proposes that motorcycle boots should be worn now.

If that is the case, all bikers and riders should now wear helmets and boots. The combination would mean better protection from head to toe. Reddit user Q2TheBall 9 further commented that he thinks ?motorcycle boots would be the difference between a removed foot and a broken/shattered foot in this case.?

Another Reddit user named HebrewDude said he really feels sad that ?the only person who you can’t blame for any of the driving in this scenario is the one who got so awfully injured.? Watch the clip here and see for yourself.

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