What Does Heartbleed Bug Do to Your Games? Remains Unaffected

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What is Heartbleed

Heartbleed is a serious issue that affects the lives of everyone who has an online presence. It is a bug that works by taking advantage of a major security flaw on OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a type of open source encryption protocol that scrambles the data that is currently being transmitted so that hackers are unable to intercept or obtain the raw data that is being sent out by users such as their usernames, passwords or even credit card details. The bug though finds a loophole with OpenSSL and grants hackers access to all sorts of sensitive data. With this, potentially all of your online services that use OpenSSL like Steam and are at risk. The issue is very serious as this bug has been left undetected for at least a couple of years leaving users very vulnerable to hackers.

A good time to change passwords

Now that Heartbleed is out in the open, all online companies and providers are taking steps to make sure the security flaw is patched as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there is a chance that all your sensitive data like passwords have been compromised. It is important to change passwords but it is even more important to first know if the patch has been made by the company or the service provider because if you change passwords now and the security flaw is yet to be fixed, then the data is still vulnerable to theft. Be on the lookout for your favorite companies to release official statements about how they addressed the Heartbleed bug or if they are unaffected entirely. It is even more important to make sure that online accounts that deal with real world transactions like credit cards are patched and passwords changed as soon as possible.

Even if the majority of game companies are affected, there are still those that haven?t been compromised like It is important to be aware of any services that are affected by this bug so due diligence is needed when checking out if any gaming companies or services you use are affected. To help with that, there are some really useful tools that have been developed like this Heartbleed link tester.

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