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Watching video games can be addictive. Players can learn a lot of stuff through watching rather than playing the game itself. And just like any sport, this is entertainment too. is the most popular streaming platform for gamers with more than 45 million unique viewers and 13 billion minutes watched every month. It currently has the fourth largest bandwidth share of the entire U.S. behind Netflix, Youtube, and Apple. The San Francisco-based firm just released the rankings of the most watched video games in its platform. Here are the most watched games that for the whole month of June in terms of total minutes watched.

Still at number one is the MOBA game from Riot Games, League of Legends. The widely-popular game has been constantly sitting on the top spot for quite some time now. With its amount of concurrent users, the game shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The number two spot should come as no surprise either. IceFrog?s Dota 2 has always been on LOL?s shadow, but it definitely has its own share of fans. With The International 2014 on full swing right now, we could expect the game to have an increased amount of viewership this month.

Blizzard?s Hearthstone and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are unshaken from their spots, placing 3rd and 4th respectively. Though not as big as their MOBA rivals, these games owe their viewership on the amount of tournaments they have.

RankingTitlePrev. MonthDifference
1League of Legends1
2Dota 22
3Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft3
4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive4
6Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm7+1
7World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria5-2
11Mario Kart 830+19
13Call of Duty: Ghosts11-2
14Diablo III: Reaper of Souls8-6
16Ultimate Street Fighter IV120+104
17Magic: The Gathering15-2
18World of Tanks16-2
19FIFA 1413+6
20Dark Souls II9-11


We can note that the top 4 most watched games are all competitive eSports titles. This is mainly due to the tournaments and the independent players? broadcasts. E3 coverage last month also garnered a lot of views placing 7th overall (yes, it?s not a game but still?). Meanwhile, Mario Kart 3 and Ultimate Street Fighter IV are the biggest ?leapers? for the month as they racked up their viewership numbers and made it to the top 20.

Did you see your favorite game? What are your thoughts on the list?

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