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What Apple ‘Forgot’ At The WWDC: Major iOS 8 Features That Apple Didn’t Mention During The Two-Hour Keynote

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Apple unveiled lots of impressive new iOS 8 features on Monday at the WWDC 2014. Major updates such as the HomeKit and HealthKit may have enjoyed a huge slice of the cake, but there are still a host of amazing iOS 8 features that Apple didn?t get to mention.

Even with a two-hour keynote speech about the new OS, Apple could not tackle everything. The tech giant announced several important updates for the iOS 8. Some of them will probably benefit quite a limited niche such as the MFi hearing aid support. However, there is a multitude of other iOS 8 features, which Apple fans will surely want to know about, that Apple seemingly ?forgot? to discuss.

Wi-Fi Calling

The iOS-exclusive FaceTime voice and video calling has been around for years, letting iDevice users ?make and take calls via Wi-Fi. With this new iOS 8 feature, Apple will provide the option for users to re-route their regular calls over a Wi-Fi connection. This feature will not be widely available at the time of its release, as T-Mobile is the only carrier who?s currently able to support such feature. Nevertheless, it a big move for the iOS and is expected to be widely embraced by all carriers once implemented.

Call Waiting for FaceTime

Wi-Fi calling is not the only call-based iOS 8 feature to be included. It seems that Apple will let the new OS support call waiting for their FaceTime application. Users will be able to reject or accept incoming calls while engaged in a FaceTime video or voice call ? a feature that is not present in the existing version of the iOS.

Rich-Text Editing in the Notes app

The iOS? native Notes application has always been pretty basic. But with a new iOS 8 feature, the app will finally support Rich-Text editing while typing. It means that iOS note-takers will now have the ability to change font sizes, font styles, and make bulleted checklists within the Notes app. They will also be able to italicize, bold, or underline their texts this time.

Travel Time Suggestions

This feature is all too familiar to Android users; it looks like Apple wants the same perk to be enjoyed by their own brood. In the Android platform, a Google Now card shows a rough estimate on how long a journey will take from point A to point B, a set of locations predetermined by the user (e.g Home, Work). It is not clear how this iOS 8 feature will be implemented by Apple. It will probably be integrated with their Siri functionality or with the Notification Center.

Private Web Search

Last in this list is about Apple?s move to support a new but arguably efficient DuckDuckGo search engine. Aside from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Apple decided to include DuckDuckGo to the list of options for default search engines. It functions differently in a way that it doesn?t record a user?s search history for advertising purposes ? something that search giant Google is infamously known for.


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