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Well it’s almost that time of the year again. The time when all the game publishers pull out their big guns to impress the masses. It’s the showing of what has yet to come. It’s E3! Every year we debate in forums and chatrooms about who actually won E3. I’ve often wondered how you can win a convention. Is it possible? After thinking about it for sometime, we’ve come up with this years E3 winner.

So how do you actually win E3? Let’s first look at the big 3 and what they could be bringing to the table this year.


Nintendo, for the first time in years, is back on the block as the market leader. They have captured an audience Sony and Microsoft only wishes they could capture. It was the demographic that never played or cared to play video games. Nintendo plans on expanding the casual gaming experience this year with enhanced motion controls and more games to suit the casual market.

Nintendo’s 3rd parties are stepping their game up too. Sega is insuring that the hardcore aren’t left behind with games like Madworld and the soon to be dropped FPS, The Conduit. Nintendo has many other surprises up their sleeve and no one seems to know what’s coming. Rest assured, we can expect a big showing this year.


Sony is on a roll. Their determination to pump out unique first party exclusives is paying off. Sony has a huge lineup prepped for E3 including games like MAG, Heavy Rain and the long awaited God Of War 3. There are rumors of a new PSP design and even a slim PS3. There’s also rumors of a price drop looming. Sony has been the reigning champ for years and this is the first time that they are up against stiff competition. This is year number 3 and is arguably the most important year for any console maker. Sony will deliver.


Microsoft always has some great surprises in store for us. They’ve been under major scrutiny for not playing their cards early. We have confirmation on a few game releases this year but nobody knows for sure what Microsoft has planned. E3 will give them a chance to show Halo ODST, Mass Effect 2, motion controls and a few surprises from Rare. Everyone is waiting to see if Alan Wake will be shown but even if it is, it might not hit the shelves this year. Microsoft has been very quiet but if they really want to turn heads, they are sure to drop another megaton this year.

And the winner is…

We’ve discussed E3 for some time now. Every year people debate over who actually won the show. Here’s the thing, you can’t win E3. It’s not a competition. Picking a winner is only something that righteous gaming zealots do. We’ve decided to choose the gamers as the victors of this years E3. The gamers win because they are being catered to by every company in the industry. Publishers are spending thousands of dollars to feed them, flaunt booth babes at them, hold their hands and show them their new games. If you thought last year was an incredible year for games, you haven’t seen anything yet. As long as this industry continues to strive, the gamers will always win.

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