Westworld Theories: Best Predictions and Theories On What Happened to Arnold

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Westworld Theories
Westworld Theories

Westworld theories and spoilers have given out several clues, but no one seems to have the right answer yet. He’s dead alright, but his presence is totally undeniable. He continues to live on through his hosts. But what if Arnold has already taken on another form? Could it be one of the most liked, or hated characters right now?

Westworld Theories on Arnold

First possibility–Dolores Abernathy played by Evan Rachel Wood. Nah? But if you think about it, there could be a minute chance that he implanted his consciousness into her programming. Fans would recall the scene where she was talking to herself, or possibly Arnold, that nobody suspects anything.

The Man In Black, played by Ed Harris could also be a good guess. Nobody knows his real name yet. He’s been in the park for the last three decades already. He knows James Marsden, who plays Teddy Flood, Dolores, and the other hosts. The programming department lets him do as he pleases. Then again, the Man In Black is a cruel creature, which is far from the Arnold we know. He loves his creations.

On the other hand, Comic Book believes that Bernard Lowe played by Jeffrey Wright is the one we’re looking for. For one, no one really knows what Arnold truly looks like. Notice during Bernard’s flashbacks of his son Charlie, he’s always the same age as he is in the present.

As published by The Hollywood Reporter, director Fred Toye shared why Arnold has a great influence on his characters, especially Ford, even when he’s already gone. He said, “The shadow and specter of that character and who he was for Ford, and the fact that we’ve never seen him and we don’t know who he is, makes you question, in a way, the reality that’s being presented, and who he really is, and who Ford really is. That’s what’s most interesting. The component of Arnold and Ford together and what their relationship was and what they created, and what each of their priorities were, is fundamental in thee undercurrent of the story.”

Alright then, any other guesses? Tune in every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. For more of Westworld theories, spoilers and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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