Westworld Season 2: Anthony Hopkins? Robert Ford poised to return

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Westworld Season 2 characters return
Westworld Season 2 premiere

Season 1 of HBO?s Westworld may have ended. However, there are speculations that the Season 2 have already started being filmed. There were several big mysteries as to who Man in Black is, what the Maze is and Arnold’s backstory that were resolved in the finale. With Dolores finally shooting Ford and unleashing the awakening of hosts, the next season just got more interesting.

While many of the characters from Season 1 are essentially confirmed to return, fans are anticipating return of Anthony Hopkins? Robert Ford. Though nothing is confirmed yet, speculations are rife Hopkins? character will back for Westworld Season 2.

Ford returns as a Host

The obvious theory is Hopkins? character would return as a host. This would be similar to Arnold returning as Bernard. Just as Ford recreated Arnold against his will, a similar fate could meet him. Ford, as a host, could be used to control the chaos he unleashed in the season 1 finale.

Westworld Season 2

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It would fit with the show?s overall theme and twists and developments the showrunners have gone with so far. Ford will be used to fight against the developments he spent thirty years working towards. However, in case he does return, it would be towards the end with the hosts? violence highlighting the start of Westworld season 2.

In fact, showrunner Jonathan Nolan indicated that the option was not off the table. When asked about Hopkins? return he said, ?Working with Anthony Hopkins on this season of TV has been one of the greatest pleasures and privileges for Lisa and I in our careers. It?s been an incredible experience, and we?ll see where our story takes us.?

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Dead Ford was a Host

Another popular theory, professing Ford?s return, is that dead Ford was nothing but a host. Hopkins? character is a master manipulator. He surely wouldn?t have a change of heart all of sudden. He wouldn?t have murdered the likes of Theresa and Elise, if his intentions were good.

Ford has his own secret host lab. Viewers know that he was working on a new body very recently. He could have whipped up a Ford twin on his own. With him set to lose his position at Westworld, he unleashed chaos with his host character while he remains in safe confines. Also, this would explain his theatrical speech and entire grand intentions.

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With Westworld Season 2 not airing until 2018, the long await for finding out the answers begins. In the meantime, stay tuned to TheBitBag for latest updates and rumors on the Westworld.

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