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Westworld: HBO’s Next Big Show?

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After the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6, fans are definitely looking for something to watch while waiting for the seventh season of the hit TV series. Worry no more as HBO is set to release a new series titled Westworld and it is expected to be the next big thing for the network.

The upcoming TV show of HBO is based on the 1973 sci-fi movie of Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park author and E.R. creator. The film followed a group of people living in a futuristic theme park called, the title itself, Westworld. Also, there were life-like robots in the movie that malfunctioned and started going after the real humans.

However, in the TV adaptation of the film, executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy revealed that they wanted to ?turn the original movie inside-out, with the ?hosts? as the protagonists.? ?We wanted to go flat out, full scope, sleeves-rolled-up plunge into the next chapter of the human story, in which we stop being the protagonists, and our creations start taking over that role,? said Nolan.

It is a known fact that consciousness is something every robot lacks, but if scientists would someday discover how to create robots that are almost similar to humans and are aware of their surroundings, what do you think would happen? That is exactly the problem this TV series is going to feature.

?The ?hosts are discovering that they?ve been created in our image, but beginning to question of ?humanness? is really what they want to aspire to. And given their circumstances, it?s easy to understand why they start to question whether they want to be like us at all,? Nolan told Entertainment Weekly.

With so much hype already created by HBO?s Westworld, it is going to be more interesting as the talents of Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood will be showcased. Aside from the three, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ingrid, Bolso Berdal, Ben Barnes, Angela Sarafyan, Luke Hemsworth, and Clifton Collins Jr. are going to be present in the TV series too.

How about you? With these facts about Westworld, do you think it is going to be the next big show on HBO? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The TV series is scheduled to premiere some time this fall. Let us wait for further announcements as to its exact release date.

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