Westworld HBO: Android Wakes Up In New Trailer, Sets Off Events That PIts Robot Vs. Men

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HBO recently released a brand new trailer for their much-anticipated series, Westworld. And, it was indeed intense as the viewers get a glimpse of what will happen when the robots finally wake up.

Basically, the answer to that question is ?trouble.?

Based on the trailer, nothing good will come up when the robots realized that they are not humans. In the original 1973 film, on which the series is based, the robots (a.k.a. “hosts”) started to misbehave when their software got infected with virus.

However,?in the upcoming series, there will be no technical malfunction, the hosts will just be ?self-aware.?

The hosts will also be encouraged by the sinister ?Man in Black? (Ed Harris), leading others to go up against the humans controlling them.

?No choice you ever made was your own. You have always been a prisoner. What if I told you, I?m here to set you free?? said the Man in Black in the newly released trailer.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuS5huqOND4]

Westworld Storyline

The original plot of the movie followed the perspective of the humans visiting the high-tech themed park where the hosts are working.

But, in the HBO series, executive producer Jonathan Nolan revealed that they wanted to ?turn the original movie inside-out, with the ?hosts? as the protagonists.?

?We wanted to go flat out, full scope, sleeves-rolled-up plunge into the next chapter of the human story, in which we stop being the protagonists, and our creations start taking over that role,? said Nolan.

Anthony Hopkins is going to portray the role of Dr. Robert Ford, who is the chief architect of the themed-park. Evan Rachel Wood, on the other hand, plays the character Dolores. She is an android who will discover that her existence is a lie as she as well is a host.

James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ingrid, Bolso Berdal, Ben Barnes, Angela Sarafyan, Luke Hemsworth and Clifton Collins Jr. are also part of the series.

The upcoming TV series Westworld of HBO is certainly one of the most anticipated shows this year. It will premiere on October 2 on the cable channel. How about you? Do you think the series will live up to its hype? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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