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Westboro Baptist Church Uses Pokemon GO To Spread LGBT Hate

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO was a big hit in 2016 and has continued to stay as a big contender on the mobile game market till today. The game was able to appeal to many people all over the world, crossing both age and ethnic differences.

However, things have gotten weird with the news that the Westboro Baptist Church has grown to like the popular mobile game as well. The church enjoys Pokemon GO so much, that they?ve decided use it to help them spread their anti-LGBT community hate.

Squirtle Doesn?t Approve

The Westboro Baptist church is despised all over the USA and through most of the world for their often cruel protests. And with social media now at their disposal, the church has another megaphone to spread their hate all over the Internet.

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And this time, they?re using Pokemon GO to help them spread the hate. Pokemon GO is really popular and apparently the Westboro Baptist church also knows this and was quick to pick this up as they?ve released several images depicting Pokemon supporting their hateful slogans.

The church has been tweeting several popular Pokemon carrying protest signs that church members would often use in public. One image is of Jigglypuff carrying a protest sign that reads: ?REPENT OR PERISH.? Above the Jigglypuff in the image is the game’s?logo with the words: ?& SIN NO MORE? added after it.

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But the church didn?t just stop there. They?ve recently moved up to promoting anti-LGBT hate through their images. The images are of several Pokemon holding signs full of anti-LGBT phrases.

The Westboro church may have ruined Pokemon GO a bit. We can?t help but worry what the church plans to meme next.?

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