We?re Getting Closer to Going ?Back to the Future?: ?80s Movie Technology More Real Than Ever

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Back To The Future Trivia

Fact: We?re only a few months away from the ?future.? One hundred and thirty one days to be exact (yes, we counted), and that?s if we?re to believe the 1989 Box Office hit, Back to the Future 2 by Director Robert Zemeckis, and starring Michael J. Fox.

Fans of the movie are quick to point out that this is THE year when Marty, Doc, and Jennifer returned to the ?future? and helped change the lives of Marty?s children who somehow turned out to be quite a bunch of disappointments. The movie of course, ended positively, and we?re left with a glimpse of the future loaded with the most out-of-this-world technology. Or were they truly out of this world?

Much has come out already of the Back to the Future technology, that are now available today, but the thing with tech is that updates are constantly happening, and the changes happen really fast.

So how close is our present really is to the future? We?ll continue to do the countdown, but here?s another revelation: The Future is already here!

Apple Watch 2

Wearable tech like the Apple Watch 2, which will be launched later this year, mirrors a similar technology in Back to the Future.

Wearable Tech

Remember the scene when Marty?s son played a video game using only a visor? Eh, that?s actually old news today, as we all know that Google Glass made a rather successful debut two years ago. But that hasn?t stopped Tech moguls from continuously coming up with new gadgets that still blows our mind.

This year for example, is the year of competing Apple and Android Watches, timepieces that go beyond telling the time and can be used to take calls, reply to messages, and keep track of one?s biorhythm. In the coming months, Apple will be coming out with the Apple Watch OS2 that offers even more functions such as replying to e-mails, getting transit information, and even? time travel.

In the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as well, Microsoft showcased new dimensions of the HoloLens that give a better, more immersive experience.

And it?s not just in games, although still in a very early stage, some companies like luxury boutique, The Line, is introducing a virtual shopping experience to customers. Using a Samsung Gear VR set, the boutique is able to show their patrons a glimpse of their Manhattan store, The Apartment, with certain ?hot spots? that allow customers to browse their merchandise and even check on the price.

Bebionic Hand Prosthetics

The Bebionic hand is one of the most advanced prosthetics today.

Bionic body parts

It seemed like Marty is no competition when going against Biff Tanner?s grandson?s bionic arm during a scuffle in a soda shop. But the hero proved that guts can go against any robotic weapon, once more proving that Marty was definitely someone?to contend with.

Today, bionic body parts are taken into a more positive light ? helping individuals who have lost their limbs to sickness or accidents. In UK for example, 26-year old Nicky Ashwell, who was born without a right arm, was fitted with the world?s first ?Bebionic? right hand. The hand, which makes use of similar technology found in Formula 1 cars, is so complex and life-like, it allows Nicky to perform even the smallest tasks like fitting a thread through a needle.

The bionic arm was created UK-based company Steeper Group, who specializes in prosthetics, orthotics, and assistive technology.

Video Conference

Video Conference Calls

Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in Back to the Future 2 was the video conference call future Marty did with his boss which flashed his face all over the television and firing him for all to see.

Although video conference calls might be old news (Face Time anyone?), but we?ve got new updates that give this technology a very futuristic feel. Google, via Google Hangouts and Chromebox, offers new hardware that definitely make online business conference a breeze. The new Chromebox can be used for larger meetings. It now has a pan and tilt camera, dual mic and speakers, and a full-screen speaker that ensures your audience can see your report in whole without the distraction of your people?s thumbnails.

The Sony 4K TV

Sony’s 4k TV is considered the thinnest TV in the market today.

Speaking of TV, we?ve gone ahead of Marty?s time as we now have televisions that are thin, and with high-definition display. Sony recently came out with a TV that?s wafer thin (only 0.2-inch thick), and features maximized contrast, color and clarity in both HD and 4K content.

Apple Touch ID

Biometric Scanning

When police found a passed out young Jennifer, they used Biometric scanning of her DNA to find out where the future Jennifer lives.

This technology can now be found most popularly in Apple?s iPhone 6 models, wherein the Touch ID feature can be used to unlock the phone and do online transactions. Once the Android M OS is launched, some Android phones will carry this feature as well.

Marlene McFly

Ms. Caitlyn

When we saw Marty?s daughter, Marlene, come out in BTTF2, we were amazed at how beautiful Michael J. Fox? transformation was from being a man to woman, and found the whole scene quite amazing and unnerving at the same time.

The same perhaps can be said when we all witnessed the riveting transformation of Olympian Bruce Jenner to the sophisticated Ms. Caitlyn. Though there were still quite a few negative remarks, thanks to the more open communication fostered by Social Media, we were able to accept and support Bruce? brave decision.

The DeLorean

What a thrill it was to see the DeLorean no longer needing roads to travel back to the future, and simply needed some well-chosen trash to run, I mean hover, to its destination.

Today, we?ve seen the onset of cars running similarly with energy coming from biofuel, and in some cases, on used cooking oil!

Lexus Hover Board

The future in mobility?

Hoverboard Madness

We?ve seen a few versions of the hoverboard coming out in viral videos (the most famous of which is the one with skateboard star, Tony Hawk), but only this week, no less than Automobile giant Toyota, through its luxury brand Lexus, came out with one of the coolest and most believable hoverboard yet.

Promoted along with the hashtag #lexushover, the board is one of Lexus? Amazing in Motion series of projects. It operates via a magnetic surface, and makes use of superconductors to make the board ?levitate.? The board is one of the many futuristic projects being done by Toyota?s advanced R&D Department. Another project they are working on? Flying cars.

More news on the Lexus hoverboard will be released, of course, on Oct. 21, 2015!

Back To The Future Countdown

Oct. 21 is considered ‘The Future’ in the movie Back to the Future.

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