Wentworth Season 5 Updates: Joan Ferguson Gets Killed By Guess Who!

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Wentworth Season 5
Wentworth Season 5

Wentworth season 5 is not going to air probably until the second quarter of 2017. However, sources say that Joan Ferguson will be killed by an inmate.

The Wentworth season 4 finale came as a shock to everyone as the beloved Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) is repeatedly stabbed by Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe). With every rumor still hopeful of Smith?s return, another set of rumors says that Ferguson must die. As Wentworth fans ?clamor? to get their hands around Ferguson?s neck, some have invested time into creating scenarios instead. With Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry) backing up Ferguson, many fans have become outraged at his actions.

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Kaz and Allie

Rumors are constantly being made about Kaz Proctor (Tammy Hamilton) and Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) teaming up together to finish Ferguson. However, with Novak?s state, this could not be possible. According to the last episode of Wentworth, Novak has just been given life again, but she is said to not be able to breathe on her own. Unless, of course, a miracle happened just like what many fans are hoping for Bea. Therefore, Proctor and Novak cannot be the ones to kill Ferguson. Although Kaz alone may seem tough, she also does not have the knack to kill a woman as she says. Even if Ferguson is a monster who has manipulated Proctor before, Proctor still does not have the courage to kill.

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Jodie Spiteri

While this is based on Reddit user the_merry_pom?s theory, it could very well happen. In season four, Spiteri (Pia Miranda) was seen sparingly. However, she was still trying to make a difference by trying to testify against Ferguson back in season 3. The Reddit user uses information from the original series wherein Ferguson will be transferred to another correctional facility. The facility will house Spiteri there as well, where is Spiteri is apparently Top Dog. As top dog, Spiteri will do what Ferguson did to her, but Spiteri will personally gouge Ferguson?s eyes out. However, this is just a fan-made scenario as Spiteri is most likely in the psych ward after what Ferguson put her through.

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Vera Bennett and Will Jackson

As Bennett (Kate Atkinson) is still acting governor, she may do anything to keep her position intact. She may be able to devise a plan to not let Ferguson off the hook. However, the flaw may be in Smith being out of the prison out onto the parking lot. Many may ask who would have been responsible on letting Smith out of the prison and meet her death in Ferguson?s hands. On the other hand, Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) may also be the one to end Ferguson. Jackson always cared for Bea even until the end. He may avenge her just like he had avenged his wife in the very beginning of the series.

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There are so many possibilities as to who would kill Ferguson. For sure, even the fans would want to kill her in some way. Let TheBitBag team know in the comments below if you have theories of your own!

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