Wentworth Season 5 Updates: Fans Argue Writers are Anti-LGBT; Finale Hints Bea?s Death

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Wentworth Season 5 Updates
Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers

Twitter feud about the Wentworth season 4 finale still goes on even after a week. Some people have voiced out their concern that the writers are against the LGBT movement. Furthermore, fans have analyzed the finale that hints a lot about Bea?s possible death. These Wentworth season 5 updates are from fans themselves.

Twitter feud

Wentworth fans constantly take to social media their anger, happiness, sadness and whatever emotions they feel. Recently, Wentworth season 4 has finally ended with a devastating ending. Many fans reacted differently as some say they are ?in denial that Bea Smith is dead? or ?I knew she was going to die?. However, Twitter fans took the matter to a whole other level when hashtags of #lgbtfansdeservebetter and #buryyourgays are used for shows that kill off LGBT characters. Fans have voiced out their concerns about how Wentworth writers had to get on the bandwagon to kill off LGBT characters. Although there are arguments that Bea Smith?s sexuality had nothing to do with her death, invested fans continue to complain and hope that the death is not real.

Hints of Bea?s death being true

There are?some fans arguing on social media. Also, there are some that try to analyze what actually happened in season four. So many scenes in Wentworth season 4 finale are indicative that Bea was ready to die. First off, Bea Smith?s phone call with Maxine and Allie. Although Allie was in a coma, Maxine was still able to put the phone on speaker while Bea was on the other line.

Bea has a line saying, ?You just fly. You be free. Go find Debbie, and you look after her. You wait for me, okay? Wait for me. I love you beautiful girl.?

Many fans say that this is indicative that she was going to go on a suicide mission, so she can be both Debbie and Allie in the afterlife. One of the other scenes was when she said goodbye to Kaz by telling her to take good care of the girls. Some of the fans gathered that Bea was also able to say her goodbyes to Maxine while on the phone with Allie. They say that Bea has a connection with Maxine, so it was like Maxine knew where Bea was getting at and that is why she cried.

Well, some fans still are not over the fact that Bea Smith may still be alive. Just look at Hitler?s reaction is about the Wentworth season 4 finale!

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