Wentworth Season 5 Update: Show Writer Confirms Bea Smith Death? Danielle Cormack Will Not Return Next Season?

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Wentworth Season 5
Wentworth Season 5

Wentworth season 5 writer hinted that Bea Smith?s death last season is the real deal and there is a chance that Danielle Cormack will not return next season.

Pete McTighe, one of the writers of Wentworth, has actually been tagged on Reddit as ?rude? as Wentworth fans, who tweet him, say they get blocked immediately. However, he may have seen this and posted a tweet saying that he unfollowed 20 people without knowing. On July 30, a Twitter user @fluffychapman, going by the name of ?becca?, decided to reply to that tweet to try and end the mystery once and for all.

McTighe replied to the tweet by simply saying, ?100%?. Another Twitter user snapped back at McTighe about Foxtel?s reply to her message on Facebook. However, McTighe only replied, ?Faked.? Due to this, the Wentworth fans created another uproar by saying that he has ruined the whole surprise if he says that Bea Smith is really dead. Some fans have compared it to Root?s, played by Amy Macker, death in the show Person of Interest saying that it was ?uncalled for?.


Wentworth season 4 finale has left its viewers wondering about the fate of Bea Smith. There have been countless tweets sent out and forum discussions opened just to come up with a definite statement of whether Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack, is out of the show or not. The finale has created a paradigm shift with the online community constantly looking for some sort of Wentworth season 5 update that would tell the truth about Cormack?s fate.

Fans say that the possible death of Smith cannot happen as it will totally change the whole show. Furthermore, another tweet McTighe sent out was the ladypartstv interview with Kate Jenkinson, who portrays Allie Novak in the show, as a way of providing ?grief counseling? to its viewers. This tweet was bitten back with a fan saying that the only solution to the grief is knowing that Smith is not dead.

It was previously reported that Wentworth season 5 will commence filming on August 1. There are no updates as to whether Danielle Cormack will head back to Australia, as she in currently in Thailand after her ChildFund Australia trip in Cambodia. According to Reddit fans, she has deleted an Instagram post that seemed like she was heading back to Australia, but her new photo clearly states that she is in Thailand. In Socratis Otto?s Instagram, who portrays Maxine Conway, it may have given the heartbreaking truth the day after the finale.

#BeaSmith ?

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There is still a lot of room for speculation as the show really is unpredictable. Many fans are keeping their hopes up, but some has just completely given up. Let TheBitBag team know which one you are. Stay tuned for more Wentworth-y news!

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