Wentworth Season 5 Update: Kate Jenkinson Spills What?s Coming for Season 5, And It?s Big!

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Wentworth season 5 spoilers
Wentworth season 5 spoilers

?Wentworth? star Kate Jenkinson, who plays Allie Novak, has been doing interviews left and right. With the ?Wentworth? Season 4 finale shocking everyone to the core of their bones, Jenkinson has helped alleviate some of that shock. Here you will have a taste of some ?Wentworth? Season 5 updates.

As the filming on ?Wentworth? Season 5 has commenced on August 1, many fans are still riddled by what happened to Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack. Jenkinson has already done a couple of interviews, one with the LadyPartsVlog; and now, another with AfterEllen. Recent updates make it seem that Bea Smith may still be alive. With multiple fans saying that it would be impossible to remove the central character, Jenkinson feels the same way.

In Jenkinson?s interview with AfterEllen, she was asked how she felt about the finale of Season 4 and what is her take on the ?violent? reactions of the fans. She replied, ?I completely understand it, because I lived it myself. I didn?t see it coming when we were shooting season four last year. I certainly didn?t see it coming, and I don?t think anybody did. I think my reaction was very similar to that of the fans when I first found out. I was completely blindsided, and I thought, ?Okay, how does this work? How does a show continue without the central character??

Although Jenkinson?s interview with AfterEllen may have skewed some of the possibility of Danielle Cormack staying in ?Wentworth,? it seems there is still hope. Jenkinson mentions that she wasn?t also able to come into terms with ?Dan? gone from the set. This made her talk to Cormack more, which made Jenkinson understand the philosophy behind it all. She says that it?s a ?very, very bold move? to make and that it shows that the world, even if you?re the central character, is not safe. She also invites ?Wentworth? fans to watch Season 5 to see how the show changes after Bea Smith has left. Also, she may possibly be hinting that the Freak, played by Pamela Rabe, will get what?s coming to her.

With May 2017 still a long way away, maybe fans will be able to release some of their angry statements about the show writers? decision to possibly kill off Bea Smith. Until then, keep visiting TheBitBag for more ?Wentworth? Season 5 updates!

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