Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers: What?s Next For The Show?

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Wentworth season 5 trailer Facebook update
Wentworth season 5 trailer Facebook update

Rumors have been unending about what the show is up to next. According to recent reports, even the show producers do not know what will happen next in Wentworth season 5.

Wentworth season 4 finale left its viewers sad when they killed off one of the main characters Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack). However, they showed that her love interest Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) is still fighting as she gets to live another day. A quick recap of who died in season four are Bea Smith, Nils Jesper, and the driver transporting Jesper. These three people, believe it or not, had a lot to contribute into finally putting Joan ?The Freak? Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) in jail for good. However, it is obvious that the show writers wanted a different take on it. Maybe even they do not know what to do.

Recent evidence suggests that filming has been going on as a photo of Lucy Apoyan wearing a teal jacket makes its rounds. She is supposedly a new character, but this does not mean anything. Jenkinson, who plays Allie Novak, can be seen around California, USA supporting her girlfriend?s Tangible Movement cause. This has caused a lot of fans to message Jenkinson on Instagram to find out if they are filming season 5 with seemingly no reply. It was said that filming of the upcoming season was going to start on August 1. With the obvious ?no spoilers allowed? from anyone working on the show, a lot of people, mostly fans, are arguing that maybe the show does not know how to move forward now that Cormack?s character is gone.

Furthermore, every news outlet has been using Yibada?s theory of Ferguson being the next top dog. Every fan knows that there is no way that Ferguson can ever run the prison the way Smith did. When Smith left to go face-to-face with Ferguson, she entrusted the top dog position to Kaz Proctor (Tammy Hamilton). Although it was previously said that she may not do a good job considering the events season 4 provided its viewers. Fans are starting to think differently as Proctor could avenge Smith?s death by following Smith?s footsteps to finally end Ferguson.

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What the show has in store for Wentworth season 5 is really anybody?s guess at the moment. Nothing official has been released since the announcement of the show?s renewal for season 5. If you know anything, let TheBitBag team know in the discussion section below.

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