Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers: Danielle Cormack Still Going To Be Part Of Season 5?

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Wentworth Season 5 Episode 1
Wentworth Season 5 Episode 1

Although a lot of the fans have already come into terms with Bea Smith?s (Danielle Cormack) death, new evidence may show that she may be still part of Wentworth season 5.

With Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) gave Smith multiple stab wounds on her stomach that led to her demise, There are a lot of rumors and speculations as to whether or not Smith is still alive. Some say she is in a coma, some say she gave her life to Allie, while others say that she sacrificed herself.

The truth cannot be known for sure in season 5. New photos suggests that she will still be in Wentworth season 5 just without her iconic red hair. Cormack?s character has an iconic red hair with hard and small curls. Cormack?s hair in most of her photos are straight or wavy. In the most recent photo posted anywhere, it shows her iconic hard curls (see below) with her natural blonde/dirty blonde hue. Many fans suggest that this could mean she may have shot scenes for Wentworth season 5 and that she is in for recovery because no one can color her hair while in recovery.

Although Wentworth?s fan base are still hopeful that Smith?s is alive, many are already saying that it will not be the same without her. This suggests that Smith is definitely dead in some fans? eyes. This coincides with Wentworth executive producer Jo Porter who bid Cormack farewell from the show in an interview. Even when show writer Pete McTighe says that Smith is ?100%? dead, fans are still in denial.

Recent news also revealed that Lucy Apoyan is part of the new Wentworth season 5 cast as her Instagram page featured a photo of her wearing a teal jacket. Besides that, she was in that photo with two of the Wentworth cast Liz Birdsworth, played by Celia Ireland, and Maxine Conway, played by Socratis Otto.

Wentworth season 5 is pegged for release some time in May 2017. They have started shooting the new season on Aug. 1 with no possible spoilers in tact.

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