Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers: Bea Smith Dead Or Alive Question Answered!

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Wentworth season 5 spoilers
Wentworth season 5 spoilers

The Wentworth season 4 finale left fans devastated as -Spoiler Alert!- Queen Bea might have met her demise. Now, fans are clamoring over the cast and writers to find out if Bea made it out alive. Any hint that may spark or hint of any Wentworth season 5 spoilers is something fans are constantly looking out for.

Over at Instagram and Twitter, fans have been constantly making noise by commenting or tweeting to various cast members of Wentworth. However, to their disappointment, there is sound evidence that Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) may not return to the show. With some fans already foreseeing the future of Wentworth season 5, TheBitBag team is here to answer two of the most frequently asked questions.

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Who is the next Top Dog?

This question has been asked multiple times as many believe there can be no other than Smith. Many fans say that Kaz Proctor (Tammy Hamilton) cannot be a top dog as she is ?not cut out for the job.? However, some say that she will be and can be top dog to avenge Smith?s death. Fans are saying that Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) will be the next top dog. It could be possible as Wentworth throughout its air time shows the audience that no one is safe. This goes for in and outside of the prison.

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Is Bea Smith dead?

Smith, as for now, is in limbo. Although writer Pete McTighe has ?confirmed? Smith?s death over on Twitter, the Wentworth Facebook admin still teases ?Or is she [dead]?? At this point, whether or not she is dead, nobody knows. The cast members are not even saying anything on social media. Fans suggest that she is either in a coma, therefore, she will not be in the show as much. However, other people believe that she is dead for good.

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Gathering evidence from watching the show over the years, there is always a character that dies. However, this is the first time a major cast member may have met their end. Adding to this, filming has started and ended without anyone knowing, according to Special Star Events. This can conclude that fans should expect the unexpected.

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