Wentworth Season 5 Renewed: Wentworth Fans Rejoice!

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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

Although many fans are upset that Allie may be dead, many fans were still happy as they were able to get a glimpse of hope. Wentworth season 5 will be coming in 2017.

Many fans were wondering if Wentworth is cancelled or if viewers will see the end of the end in the season finale. However, on Wednesday July 20, the day after episode 11 aired, Wentworth took to Instagram an announcement everyone has been waiting for. They posted a photo that had Wentworth in capital letters with ?Season 5? and ?Coming 2017? underneath. It has already garnered 1,870 likes since then.

Fans are still traumatized with the events of Wentworth season 4 episode 11 as the photo has a mix of comments of ?please don?t let Allie die?, ?you cannot kill Allie?, and ?i can?t believe we have to wait that long?. Although no one is entirely sure whether or not Allie will still be alive until the next episode, for now everyone is hoping that Allie will live. In Wentworth?s official Instagram account, a fan commented saying, ?I think they took Allie out in the episode just so in season 5 Bea goes insane and takes back her jail!!!!!?

If you weren?t able to watch Wentworth?s recent episode, Bea stepped down as top dog to be with Allie. However, who is Queen Bea without being Top Dog? Also, Bea will not be Bea if Allie is no longer there. It may be safe to assume that Allie will still be alive. Another fan commented in Wentworth?s Instagram photo saying, ?I remember Kate Jenkinson saying in an interview that she will still be part of season 5.?

So this is happening! #Wentworth #WentworthS5

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In other news, Kate Jenkinson, portrays Allie Novak, and Danielle Cormack, portrays Bea Smith, have been tagging each other on Instagram. On Wednesdays, the hashtag #WCW trends meaning ?Woman Crush Wednesday?. They tagged each other with a little message even though they are on the other side of the world. Even Kate Jenkinson, who?s new to Instagram as of last week, has tagged Danielle Cormack and apologized to her partner Torri Shack.

I might be in Cambodia – but I won’t forget my #wcw @katejenko #handsoffshesmine #ballie #wentworthit #hermes #PRINCEss

A photo posted by Danielle Cormack? (@_daniellecormack_) on

#wcw All day erry day. Sorry @torrishack but you can’t mess with the topdog. ?#bea #bae #ballie

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