Wentworth Season 5 Release Date Update: May 2017 Could Be It?

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Wentworth season 5 spoilers
Wentworth season 5 spoilers

With #TealTuesdays gone until Wentworth season five is released, Wentworth fans were left devastated at the sight of Bea, played by Danielle Cormack, in the Wentworth season 4 finale. Don?t fret though as Cormack?s on-screen partner Kate Jenkinson, who plays Allie Novak, may have shed some light. As shooting has started on August 1, looking out for some clues from social media accounts may be tiring. Here we have compiled some details for you.

Recently, fans have been checking out social media outlets to try and find out whether or not Danielle Cormack will return as Bea Smith. Previous news have shown that Cormack will be reprising her role as Smith. However, with the finale showing she stabbed herself and Ferguson continuing, viewers were left with the scene of Smith bleeding on the pavement.

In a recent interview with Kate Jenkinson, she says that she was shocked about Bea?s death. However, rumors are spreading that Danielle Cormack could have her own scenes shot somewhere else so even the rest of the cast doesn?t know about it. Many of the fans are saying that no one can mess with Bea Smith.



Wentworth and Netflix

In other news, Wentworth season 4 is currently showing on Netflix for everyone to catch up. Before the finale came out, people from all over the world thought that the show wouldn?t come out on Netflix until October or November. However, it was released just two days after the finale. Wentworth season 5 is pegged for release between May 3 – May 23, if it will follow the releases of the previous seasons, according to NetflixLife.

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