Wentworth Season 5 Release Date And Update: Bea Smith Not Returning [Exclusive News]

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Wentworth season 5 release date and update

Amidst all the rumors and hopes that Bea Smith is still alive, it seems that it is not likely to happen. The fans are all geared to find out more about the Wentworth season 5 release date and update to see what happens next.

Wentworth season five is set to be released in the second quarter of 2017. A lot of fans want the show to return as soon as possible. They are still anticipating what is going to happen in the first episode of season five. Reports are consistently giving everyone hope saying that Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack, is still alive. However, with the irrefutable evidences, it seems that Bea Smith will not be making a?comeback.

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Why can?t Bea Smith come back?

The fact that Danielle Cormack herself has spoken about the death of her character should be enough. It is the first cut and dried scene that fans have watched. At least compared to all the cliffhangers Wentworth producers have left its fans. Fans may be disappointed to learn of this. However, IBTimes says that Bea Smith?s death is something that can not be reversed.

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Beyond Cormack herself talking about her character?s death, even the producers of Wentworth says so. Right after the season four finale of Wentworth, fans took to Twitter to express a slew of emotions. One of the writers, Pete McTighe, says that Smith is 100% dead. On the other hand, executive producer Jo Porter also says that she is deeply saddened of Cormack?s exit from the show.

Wentworth season five episode 1 theories

Although other reports do claim that Bea Smith is still alive, it is highly unlikely. Previous reports have said that she will be in critical condition, but it is part of the fan theories. Bea Smith could be expected to be in the show though as a memory or a flashback. This may be possible as there will?be an investigation on what happened.

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According to?Wentworth fans who took their theories to?Reddit, they say that Bea would only be alive when there is a flashback. Furthermore, they believe that the first episode of Wentworth season five will mostly focus on the investigation of Bea Smith?s death. They will focus on the events between when Bea went out to wait for Ferguson, and Ferguson being released. Apparently, it will close up a lot of plot holes that the fans saw in the last episode of season four.

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It should be noted that readers take this with a grain of salt as some information are not from Wentworth staff. Furthermore, they are theories from fans as well. What are your theories on the first episode of Wentworth season five?

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