Wentworth Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers: Who is the New Top Dog?

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Wentworth season 5 trailer Facebook update
Wentworth season 5 trailer Facebook update

Wentworth season 5 release is still a long way away. It has not stopped fans from wondering that Kaz or Joan may be the next top dog.

The Wentworth season 4 finale has left fans with the tragic events of Bea Smith?s demise. While she gets to die, Allie Novak gets to live. This was found seemingly unfair. However, what is on everyone?s mind, to those who have accepted Bea?s death at least, is who will be the next top dog? Wentworth season 5?s release date is predicted to be on May 2017.

Kaz Proctor

The finale left viewers with Kaz Proctor, played by Tammy Hamilton, as the Top Dog. She was voted as top dog. However, many fans do not think she will cut it to being in the highest position. Although she was more or less chosen by the people, her knack for revenge plans do not quite go so well. Furthermore, she had some form of association with Joan ?The Freak? Ferguson, played by Pamela Rabe, which didn?t make her such a popular character.

Kaz, as seen with the Freak?s attempt to ?end? Bea Smith, was not really into killing anybody. As viewers should know, killing may just be one of the things a top dog needs to do; however, compassionate they can be. With Kaz serving twelve years in prison because of the Freak, her stance on violence may change as she mentions in one of the episodes that the prison drains or numbs you of emotions.

Joan Ferguson

Yibada mentioned that Joan could be the next top dog. She definitely has the skills to kill with excellent planning with having everything down to a tee. However, from a governor to a prisoner to a free woman to possibly a prisoner again, many of the inmates already know what she will be up to. Although Joan is likely to become a social pariah if she was sent back to Wentworth Correctional Facility, she could rough it out, again, and eventually become top dog.

However, fans have said in multiple social media site that they have had enough of The Freak. She was able to get rid of so many things and has created plotholes. For instance, when she was able to go free at the season 4 finale, it is as if no one wondered how Nils Jesper?s van was blown up. There was no further investigation done, and Ferguson was just set free because of the law.

Wentworth season 5 release date is still unknown. It is also unknown whether or not Wentworth has started shooting, but it was reported to have started on August 1. An Instagram post from Lucy Apoyan was posted on August 15 together with Celia Ireland, who portrays Liz Birdsworth, and Socratis Otto, who portrays Maxine Conway.

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