Wentworth Season 5 Release Date & Spoilers: Fans Speculate Different Scenarios for Season 5

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Wentworth Cast List
Wentworth Cast List

Wentworth season 4 ended with Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack, being stabbed in the stomach a dozen or more times. She first stabs herself when she pulls Joan Ferguson?s hand holding a screwdriver towards her stomach. Ferguson continued the act until Smith says, ?I win.? This has a lot of fans wondering what Wentworth season 5 will be about if the main character, Bea Smith, will be leaving the show. Here you will find out about the theories that fans have for season 5.

Bea Smith is actually in a coma

Some people over at Reddit says that Smith is not going to be filming a good part of the upcoming season five. They argue that it will show how the prison will be like without Smith. However, a positive view about it is that she is somewhere with a coma. No one knows that Smith is alive in the prison except Vera Bennett, played by Kate Atkinson, and Will Jackson, played by Robbie Magasiva. However, they will not be able to tell anyone as it will aggravate the female prisoners. Even Smith?s love interest, Allie Novak, played by Kate Jenkinson, will not know due to her condition after what Ferguson did to her.

Bea Smith is really dead

Other fans are skeptical that Smith is even alive. Fans have argued that Smith has almost died twice. One of these times was when she was ?left for dead? when Ferguson tried to drown her. The fan says that the writers cannot keep toying with the viewers, so this time, it may actually be true. Other fans have said that the writers are ?messed up? for breaking hearts like that twice in one season, let alone the season finale.

Sonia Stevens will rule over Kaz

Although some fans have focused on Bea Smith, others have focused on Sonia Stevens, played by Sigrid Thornton. Fans revealed that if Bea Smith is totally out of the picture, ones that have come to terms with her death at least, Sonia will probably be the next top dog. Even though Kaz Proctor, played by Tammy Hamilton, is the stand-in top dog as of the finale. Many believe that she is not the right character for it. Therefore, Sonia and her possible background story will entice the audience more. Eventually, she will also become the next top dog.

What do you think about the unraveling of these theories? Could one of them be true? Let TheBitBag team know in the discussion below! Stay tuned for more Wentworth-y news!

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