Wentworth Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers: Bea Smith Really Gone, See How Allie Reacts

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Wentworth season 5 trailer Facebook update
Wentworth season 5 trailer Facebook update

Wentworth fans have all the reasons to celebrate. Foxtel recently confirmed that the fifth instalment of the Australian drama series is sure to happen. No official date has been released yet. Speculations claim that it could be on May 2017. Based on the release dates of previous seasons, they all took place around April or May. ?Thus, May 2017 is a good prediction.

Season 4 ended with quite a huge revelation. Lead character Bea Smith died. It was also confirmed that she is not coming back for the next season. Wentworth Season 5 will see how the lives of all the other characters continue without Bea.

Although executive producer Jo Porter already confirmed that Bea will not be returning anymore, fans are still hoping she would somehow. Rumor has it that the makers will pull a Jon Snow moment on Bea Smith. There are never-ending speculations that the character is still alive. Someone could be hiding her somewhere. She could have survived. However, Porter was quick to deny all these rumors and end the hopes of fans. The exec producer emphasized that Bea is not needed in the plotline of Wentworth season 5 anymore.

On the last episode, Bea was stabbed to death by Joan ?The Freak? Ferguson.

Since Bea is gone, avid viewers could instead look forward to what will happen with her girlfriend, Allie. Aside from killing Bea, Joan also injected life threatening drugs to Allie. She was seen opening her eyes by the time Bea was being killed. Wentworth season 5 could show how she will react when she finds out that Bea is gone. Allie?s life without Bea is indeed an interesting plot to see.

Bea Smith?s death could open doors for new characters to join the series. It was reported that the creators are planning to introduce new characters to keep the show appealing to viewers.

It looks like Porter had provided some hints. She said as producers, their goal is to keep the viewers guessing on the edge of their seats.

Wentworth season 5 offers exciting and fresh story, as well as new characters. For the meantime, all we could do is wait until its next episode.

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