Wentworth Season 4 Recap: Liz Gets Closer To The New Prisoner

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Wentworth Season 4 Finale Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Finale Spoilers

Previously, Tasha Goodwin, the new prisoner, was about to get ganged by Lucy?s pack of lesbians. However, she pressed the distress button even though she wasn?t supposed to, which was the number one rule that Doreen told her upon entering. Juicy Lucy gets to go into the slot while everyone waits for Maxine, the acting top dog, to punish Tasha for what she?s done. However, she isn?t able to do it and gives Tasha a slip to consider what will happen in the future, a warning. How will Bea get things back in order?

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Warning! Spoilers!

Maxine gets bad news

Doreen finally gets her conjugal visit with Nash while Bea, Allie and Juice gets out of the slot. Maxine will also start her treatment for her breast cancer. Nash and Doreen enjoy their conjugal visit together. Bea goes back to her cell block and is introduced to Tasha. Maxine finds out that she has cancer in both breasts since she?s delayed her treatment to become top dog while Bea has been in isolation. She can no longer be part of the drug trial as her cancer has spread. According to the doctor, the size of the tumor is big, and the only way to survive is do a double mastectomy followed by aggressive chemotherapy. Will Maxine go for it? Will she blame Bea?

Kaz and Allie

Allie tells Kaz that she thinks Ferguson is the one who planted the drugs in Allie?s cell. However, Kaz doesn?t believe her as Kaz is already in too deep in Ferguson?s manipulation and asking Allie how she knows that Ferguson did it. Allie says that someone has done it and it could be Ferguson because Ferguson obviously doesn?t like her. Kaz still denies it by saying, ?It wasn?t her. She?s one of us. I?m starting to see how a pissed Mr. Jackson could have stitched her up.? Allie moves over to the side and asks Kaz, ?I just don?t see why you trust her.? Kaz, however, tries to appease Allie and tells her that there?s another side to Ferguson, but Allie will still be her number one and that it?s good to have her back.

Ferguson goes over to Kaz after Allie and Kaz finish talking, and tells Kaz that she?s sure Allie thinks Ferguson is behind her getting slotted. Kaz already knows this, and Ferguson changes the subject by telling Kaz that there?s been a shift away from Bea while she?s been in the slot. Meaning a lot of the prisoners don?t respect Bea anymore. Ferguson tells Kaz to capitalize on that and divide and conquer the prison.

Joan?s evil plans?

Joan is on the courtyard with the rest of the prisoners, and she approaches Boomer. Boomer doesn?t take Ferguson?s presence lightly and tells her to ?f*ck off.? Ferguson tells Boomer that she wants ?to give her a compliment about how her and Maxine are good together as they show mercy and compassion. Furthermore, they are getting a lot of support from the other prisoners telling Boomer that she will make a great Red Right Hand member. Boomer deals back that Bea is still the boss around the prison. Joan inexplicably walks away. Will Boomer join Kaz?s team?

Juice, on the other side of the courtyard, goes up to Bea and tells her why she got slotted. Bea resorts to saying that Maxine was in charge while she was gone, and she made the decision. Juice tells Bea that if she doesn?t do anything about Tasha, she will take it into her own hands how she will deal with Tasha. Bea says that she will do the punishment and no one should lay a finger on her. Bea turns to Liz and scorning her for lying that Maxine handled the Tasha problem. It is, however, interrupted by the new officer, Jake Stewart, calling on Liz that the governor wants to see her.

Liz and Vera

Vera talks to Liz about befriending a new prisoner who has been suspected of a homicide, but the police has yet to find the body and cannot charge the new prisoner. So, Liz has to work into befriending her to be able to relay information, if any. Liz doesn?t want to do it because she will be labeled as a lagger or snitch. Vera explains that she is light and easy to talk to and with her experience as a peer worker, she is the best for the job. Liz tells Vera that there are severe repercussions on being a lagger in the prison and asks to be dismissed. Vera tells Liz to meet with one of the detectives in charge of the case and hear him out, to which Liz agrees.

Tasha, in the bathroom, is held by Juice and her gang. Tasha is very scared as Bea walks in and takes out a razor out of her jacket sleeve. Tasha asks for help while Juice and her crew member hold Tasha down. It seems that Bea is the one who does the damage on Tasha.

Doreen and Nash

Doreen and Nash have their first conjugal visit, and it seems they have a lot of fun. They talk ?about Nash moving in with a friend that?s a girl. Doreen seems to be okay with it. She discusses this at the courtyard with Liz and Boomer while Bea follows and sits down. Boomer questions Doreen about letting Nash ?move in with a chick.? However, Boomer says that Doreen can?t trust anyone going back to her problem with Daz, her ex-boyfriend, who is not together with her sister. Doreen now questions her decision with allowing Nash to move in with a girl. Bea stops her and tells her to relax and sit down.

Tasha is now out at the courtyard with her jacket hood over her head and everyone starts to chant about her being a snitch. Doreen stops the ruckus and sees that Tasha?s hair has been cut very short and there?s blood and dirt all over her face. Doreen looks around and asks who did it to Tasha, Juice doesn?t say anything and shrugs her shoulders. Bea confesses to it, and everyone is dead quiet.

Doreen seems like she?s going to turn on Bea because she questions Bea?s power in the prison. She approaches Kaz after Kaz approached Maxine and trying to befriend her. Kaz tells Ferguson about Doreen and Ferguson tells Kaz that it?s important that Doreen knows Kaz is someone she can run to.

Liz and Sonia

Liz talks to the detective, and she makes herself clear that she won?t change her mind about not doing what is asked of her. However, the detective makes a compelling case as he explains that Sonia Stevens is a cosmetic heiress who murdered her best friend, but that there is no body to show for it. They want to know and gain closure on the case for the children of the murdered mother. If Liz helps to get information, she could have her children back in return. They have apparently made a deal that she would be eligible for immediate parole. She accepts the offer.

Doreen finds out something

Since Doreen gets paranoid about Boomer?s comment about letting Nash live with another woman, she asks for Kaz?s help on the outside. Kaz gives her the information that the woman Nash is living with is Miranda. Doreen knows that this was his ex-girlfriend, and they have a child together. This information sends Doreen over the edge and calls Nash, wherein Nash says he can explain. However, Doreen doesn?t trust the situation.

Tasha, on the other hand, is at the courtyard where Juice?s crewr lurks, but Ferguson walks on over to her and they all leave. Tasha is still tries to get the hang of being in the prison and Ferguson is telling her all the bad things like now that she?s been tagged as a lagger, no one will want to be friends with her, and she should trust the screws. Ferguson finds out Tasha has a sentence for 7 years. Tasha also tries to commit suicide, but Ferguson saves her.

Prison take over

Maxine tells Doreen, Liz and Boomer that she has cancer while Liz, Boomer and Doreen discusses that Maxine should be the one running the prison. Allie looks for Bea after Ferguson gets applauded by Kaz and the crew because she saved Tasha?s life. Allie finds Bea in a closet as she cuts herself. Bea goes to Maxine about the takeover of the prison, but Maxine tells her that Bea was the reason her treatment was delayed and now she has to remove both of her breasts.

Oh and sad news for some fans, Jake isn?t gay afterall. He kisses Vera in the elevator. Bea enters an awkwardly silent cafeteria and asks her crew some questions to which she barely gets an answer. With a short bicker between Doreen and Bea, Doreen stands up and walks over to Kaz?s crew?s table.

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