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Wentworth Season 4 On Netflix Now Streaming; Watch How Bea Smith Dies

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Fans can now see how Bea Smith dies during Wentworth Season 4 on Netflix. Wentworth is said to be the more accurate version of the Emmy-winning ?Orange is the New Black,? which is a Netflix original series. This well-loved Australian drama series was first seen via SoHo.

If there is one scene from the show that fans ironically want to see, it is learning how one of the lead characters, Bea Smith died. Danielle Cormack?s character was confirmed to be dead and the scene that showed her dying was our last chance of seeing her in the series. Loyal viewers were shocked that Bea had to die. For those who follow the show, it came as a surprise when season 4 finale showed Bea Smith?s dead body covered in her own blood. The stakes were apparently harder and more difficult for her during the last season.

A confirmation of Bea?s death was also made by the series? EP, Jo Porter. According to Porter, it is heart-breaking to see a much-loved character die. She revealed that it brings an impact not only for the viewers, but also with the cast and crew. Porter admitted that it was a tough decision that they had to make because it is also about saying goodbye to Danielle Cormack.

Bea Smith is a victim of domestic violence in the hands of her husband, Harry. The reason why she was in Wentworth was because she tried to kill him. She was also charged a life sentence for the death of Jacs Holt and murder of Brayden Holt. She had to suffer the pain of losing her teenage daughter, Debbie.

Though Bea?s death may be difficult to swallow, this could open a chance to see new characters in the show.

Lara Radulovich and David Hannam are the creators of the series. Wentworth is based on former Network Ten series Prisoner that was shown from 1979 to 1986.

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