Wentworth Season 4 Finale: When Will it Come Out on Netflix? Is Danielle Cormack Out of the Show?

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Wentworth season 5 spoilers
Wentworth season 5 spoilers

It is understandable if you don?t live in Australia and have been pining to watch Wentworth. However, the Blu-ray DVD of Wentworth only releases in certain regions, like the UK, so you?re very limited in what you can do. You can stream online, but the ads are unruly and could pose danger. Although there is Netflix, the streaming site that held the goldmine Wentworth seasons one to three. Has Wentworth Season 4 joined Netflix yet?

There were several tweets that say Wentworth is now on the streaming site. However, TheBitBag team checked in on Netflix earlier today as rumors were rife about Wentworth Season 4 being officially out. The photo below was sent to help confirm whether or not season four was released.

Wentworth season 4 on Netflix.

Wentworth season 4 on Netflix.

The season finale was just released on Tuesday, July 26. Previously, many sites predicted that season four of Wentworth would be released two to three months after the finale. This is good news as viewers can not watch on their Netflix accounts instead of waiting for it to air.

Danielle Cormack: Will she still be the Queen Bea?

With the recent confirmation that Bea Smith will not come back for the fifth season, fans are left wondering what will happen in season five. It was confirmed by Foxtel that the filming of season five will start on Monday, August 1. There are so many possibilities that could happen. Jo Porter, the executive producer of Wentworth, could be throwing the fans off. Many news sites have indicated that Danielle Cormack also revealed her exit from the show through her recent Instagram posts. However, this is just speculation and should be taken lightly. Since Porter did mention that they have been very careful about spoilers, the phone interview with TV Week may not be true.

Furthermore, some fans also revealed that Katrina Milosevic was on the Kyle & Jackie O Show. Milosevic says that Cormack will not be coming back. However, again, pointing back to Porter?s statements about spoilers, this might be a tactic to cast doubt and remove the possibility of spoilers. Even in the interview with Tammy Macintosh before Wentworth season four finale aired, she says that it was like ?shooting a James Bond movie.? She was not able to specify anything.

The rumors surrounding Bea Smith, played by Cormack, about not coming back may not be true. However, with Wentworth, there are many twists and turns that can leave everyone wanting more. Leave a comment below to let us know what possibility you?re looking out for, dead Bea or alive Bea?

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