Wentworth Season 4 Finale Recap: This Happened, And Everyone’s Mind Was Blown, Here’s Why

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Wentworth Season 5 Release Date
Wentworth Season 5 Release Date

If you live in Australia and caught the Wentworth season 4 finale, you?re lucky! Some Wentworth fans from across the globe we?re able to watch thanks to a friendly Aussie who shared her screen with the rest of the world. It wasn?t the easiest thing to watch as there were many things that happened. Be ready for the Wentworth season 4 finale recap below!

Warning! Spoilers!

If you have read the previous articles for the spoilers, they were all speculation. Some of them came true and some of them didn?t. The season finale starts with Bea waking up happy from the night with Allie. However, she goes to follow Allie in the bathroom to find her unconscious. Bea presses the panic button and is miserable at what she will do. Bea thinks that it?s Kaz because Allie ?backstabbed? her. However, Kaz just gets a beating from Bea before they were separated. Bea has to go into the clinical and stay there because of a possible concussion even though all she wants to do is see how Allie is doing.

Bea asks several times how Allie was and doesn?t get a proper answer from anyone until Maxine goes into the hospital for a checkup. However, that happens later on. Bea finds out that Ferguson was the one who hotshot Allie when she was about to leave for her sentence hearing and Bea was locked up. Bea, on the other hand, tries her best to have Vera help her, but Vera is trying to act tough. Will is the one that helps Bea by giving her a cellphone to call Franky. Franky tries to get a hold of Shayne as he may be the perpetrator to help Ferguson, so her trial will not push through.

The man that kills is killed

As Nils Jesper is being transported to the court house. A car stops the van and a masked man gets out of the car to shoot the driver. The van is driven somewhere else and the masked man shoots Nils three times in the chest. Afterwards, the man pours a tank of gasoline in and around the van and leaves the gun. He sets it on fire, the van blows up. The masked man revealed himself as Jake.

Jake gets back to Wentworth. He is distraught having just killed two people in one day. He vomits after washing his face. Franky, on the other hand, is still on the lookout for Shayne. She finds Shayne at the courthouse. She takes him to the backside of the courthouse. Shayne eventually pulls out a gun while Franky is brave enough to stand at the barrel of the gun. She tries to calm Shayne down until he gives up and gives Franky the gun.

Vera gets a notification that Nils died while being transported. Will responds that it makes his job easier since he was suspended for having a positive drug test. Ultimately, this gives the news that Ferguson has been scot-free as suggested in one of the possible scenarios from a spoiler.

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