Wentworth Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Ferguson Kills & Where to Watch Online

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Wentworth Season 4 Finale Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Finale Spoilers

Kaz is angry

Kaz accuses of Bea cheating the votes because it?s apparently obvious that the voting was rigged. Kaz tells Ferguson that Bea ?just made her life a living hell?. Ferguson tells Kaz that Bea has to be taken down. Allie hears this, so she will probably tell Bea about it. Kaz tells Ferguson to forget about taking down Bea as she will hear her sentencing the next day. If Kaz gets out, the girls in her crew will also get out. Kaz says that?s something she?s not going to jeopardize. Ferguson seems worried as that would mean no one will back her up.


Bea is in her cell checking her scars when Allie walks in unannounced. Bea says, ?What is it with your timing? You always catch me with my pants down.? Allie jokes, ?Sorry, it?s my sixth sense. I can hear pants dropping from a mile away.? The two have a chat, and Bea thanks Allie for the ointment she gave at the stairwell for her self-inflicted wounds. Allie gets the ointment from Bea and slathers some on her wounds. (Still no kiss for the fans of Ballie!)

Boomer find outs about Maxine

Boomer has been overly worried about Maxine?s condition. All over the episode, she has been asking Bea and the nurse to make sure that Maxine gets an appointment for her surgery. Bea already knows that Maxine will not do it because Maxine has been living in a body that she didn?t like that?s why she got her surgery. Boomer, on the other hand, goes to the nurse and asks why Maxine hasn?t been given a date for her surgery. She finds out that Maxine made the decision not to undergo surgery. She immediately goes to Maxine in their cell block and asks Maxine to get set it straight with the nurse because the nurse thinks that Maxine doesn?t want the surgery (which is true). Boomer gets flustered when Maxine doesn?t mind her efforts and bangs on the table to go tell the nurse that she will go through with the surgery. Maxine flats out just says that the nurse is right and that she will not doing it. Boomer asks why but she can?t accept Maxine?s answer. She makes a scene and tells Maxine that she?s selfish for making her decision for herself and not thinking about the fact that her friends care about her too.

Kaz?s sentence

Kaz finds out that she will be serving the next twelve years in prison. She isn?t happy about the sentence, so she trashes her room and screams. The view switches over to Bea going over to Allie to get some milk for her cell block. Allie flirts with Bea by touching her fingers through the fence that holds the supplies in the supply room. She plays around with Bea by not giving her the milk directly. Bea asks Allie what she got for her sentencing. It wasn?t said but Allie told her that she should get used to Allie being around. Allie tells Bea that she is leaving Kaz?s crew and holds Bea?s hand. Bea tells Allie straight up that there?s nothing that?s going to happen between them. Allie just takes it in and tells Bea that she will upfront with Kaz. Allie will tell Kaz that she will be joining Bea?s crew.

Maxine will get it

Maxine looks at her breasts and cries. She goes over to Boomer?s cell and apologizes that she?s been selfish and that she had to be because all her life the only one that cared about how she felt was herself. Boomer also apologizes and tells Maxine that she doesn?t really hate her. Maxine tells Boomer that she has changed her mind and continue on with getting the surgery. Boomer says that she will be there for Maxine. Boomer even offers Maxine some of her ?boobs? because she has a lot, which makes Maxine laugh.


Allie goes to Kaz to tell her about joining Bea?s crew. However, Bea comes invited unannounced and tells Allie to give them some privacy. Bea talks to Kaz about her sentencing and enforces that there shouldn?t be a problem with them two since Kaz will be staying there for twelve years. Bea goes to Allie and tells her to meet at the cafeteria. Allie wonders why Bea is trying to make sure that Bea doesn?t want Kaz to know about Allie planning to move to Bea?s crew. When they meet at the cafeteria, Bea tells Allie that she doesn?t want to be under the crossfire of Kaz and Ferguson, and she also doesn?t want to involve Allie and get caught in the middle. Allie leans in closer to Bea and kisses her. This is the biggest moment Ballie fans have been waiting for (including me)! This moment gets ruined by Ferguson hiding behind a wall.

Ferguson kills Bea Smith

Ferguson gives Kaz a talk about the prison and how it changes people and how Kaz should stand up and lead the women. Kaz tells her that Bea is the top dog and the governor?s pet. She also questions Ferguson, ?Why are you even here Joan? What do you want?? Ferguson says that she needs Nils Jesper terminated permanently and tells Kaz that he?s a serial rapist (we all know he?s not!). Kaz knows about Nils Jesper because of Bea. In the previous season, Bea used Kaz to get the name of the person who attacked her in prison. Ferguson makes a proposal if Kaz helps Ferguson terminate Nils Jesper, Ferguson will kill Bea Smith.

The next episode will be full of drama and violence!

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