Wentworth Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Ferguson Kills & Where to Watch Online

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Wentworth Season 4 Finale Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Finale Spoilers

Last week, there was a lot going on. Liz suddenly wanted to be close to Sonia. Bea got out of the slot and has lost several of her crew that joined Kaz. Doreen finds out about Nash and his ex-girlfriend living together. If you have watched that episode, you are missing out. If you haven?t watched any episodes of season 4, you?re in luck!


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If you are all caught up with the episodes, watch the new one! The BitBag team has duly scoured the internet to bring you the best streaming links. There will be more links added when there are more available.


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The episode opens with Vera walking to Ferguson?s cell and tells her that Ferguson?s lawyer is there to see her. Ferguson still has a boastful attitude saying that ?justice will prevail? as if she already knows that she will get out of her sentencing. According to Ferguson?s lawyer, the testimony from Nils Jesper, her former associate, will be taken into account. However, Ferguson denies being associated with Nils (because of all the things she had him do) and says that he is only an ?alleged associate.? Ferguson?s lawyer says that the court is being vague, so it could mean that they are trying to pull a surprise witness, which didn?t look good according to Ferguson?s facial expression. There will be someone supporting Nils Jesper?s activities that will tie it to Ferguson. The lawyer doesn?t know who it is, but Ferguson says she does.

Bea to testify

Bea seems agitated when asked if she could be a witness to testify against Ferguson and support Nils Jesper?s claim on Ferguson ?summoning him? to the prison to attack Bea back in Season 3. They want Bea to turn in a written statement and to appear in court. Bea gladly accepts the offer in the event that her identity will be anonymous until the trial. However, Bea makes a condition that Ferguson be put back in protection (meaning in isolation) until the trial. She requests for a written contract on it to make sure that she isn?t being played.

Bea and Allie

Love is definitely in the air with these two it seems. In the spoiler sent out before this episode aired, it mentions that Allie and Bea now have a couple name among the netizen fans. Their love team is called Ballie! In the stairwell, Allie gives Bea something for the scarring as Allie saw that Bea was cutting herself in episode 6. Allie sees that there was something bothering Bea and tells her not to worry about Doreen because there are other people that care about her in the prison.

Courtyard blues

In the courtyard, Kaz is ecstatic about some of her girls because they met with their respective lawyers. They will be out in a few weeks as they have already served their time while awaiting their sentences. Doreen didn?t seem to fit in as she still has some time to serve. Kaz notices Ferguson isn?t doing all too well, probably with the news of someone testifying against her. Kaz goes over to her after the ecstatic feeling for her girls. Kaz asks what?s wrong, and Ferguson tells Kaz that she is being victimized by someone she shouldn?t have trusted in the first place and names Bea.

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