Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers: Kaz Proctor To Die In Season Finale?

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Wentworth Season 5 Updates
Wentworth Season 5 Spoilers

Wentworth season 4 come to a close, even though fans have tried to predict that there will be more than 12 episodes, the season finale will be showing in less than eight hours. Check out the latest Wentworth season 4 episode 12 spoilers before the show airs!

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Recently, an Australian radio station called KIIS 1065 revealed on their Twitter account something Tammy Macintosh, who plays Kaz Proctor, said about the season 4 finale.



It seems that the Kaz Proctor character will be the one that will be killed off in the show. However, a photo came up on Reddit, and it shows that it may not really be Kaz that will die in the finale. KIIS 1065 had another tweet, assuming that it has since been deleted or modified as it cannot be found, that the Wentworth cast had filmed several endings. Therefore, the ending of season 4 will also come as a shock to everyone, even to the cast members.

Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

Previously, The BitBag polled on who will die in the season finale and what could be one of the possible scenarios in the season finale. The poll results of who is the most probable to die didn?t even scratch Kaz?s character. Many people still believed that she would be in season 5. With a total of 745 votes, Macintosh?s character garnered only 100 votes compared to Joan Ferguson, portrayed by Pamela Rabe, who raked in almost 180 votes.

Meanwhile, many fans have wished ill of Doreen Anderson, portrayed by Shareena Clanton, as she has become ?an extremely annoying? character in season 4. However, she may not be the one killed off as she is not really on anyone?s radar.

Wentworth has become such a big hit since its initial release. Many people like it for its unpredictable, yet highly captivating and true-to-life scenarios. Although no one knows what the ending to season 4 will be, many fans are in agony just to find something that will tell them that their favorite on-screen stars will live, namely Bea and Allie.

Fans on Reddit have said that they will take the day off as it will be airing when they are working. Wentworth season 4 finale will air at 8:30 p.m. AEST on Foxtel?s SoHo.

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