Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Finale: What Will Happen in Season 5?

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Wentworth Season 5
Wentworth Season 5

The Wentworth season 4 episode 12 finale took every viewer by storm. With season 4 finally ending, there were many questions raised by the fans on what will happen in season 5. According to several reports, season 5 will start filming soon. Check out the updates for what may happen for news on the Wentworth season 5 release date.

Spoiler Alert! – As the season 4 finale ended with Ferguson stabbing Bea multiple times, many were left heartbroken. Allie was seen to be alive at the very last scene of the finale while Bea was left for dead right outside the prison. There were many ?violent? reactions from fans and some funny ones. After the show aired, there were fans googling if a person can survive being stabbed in the stomach thirteen times. The answer is probably not. However, the likelihood of Bea Smith, played by Danielle Cormack, coming back for season 5 is very high.

What we know

Multiple sources have mentioned that Wentworth season 5 will start shooting in August. Furthermore, it was mentioned that Danielle Cormack will be reprising her role as Bea Smith in the fifth season. Foxtel announced that Wentworth will be renewed for 12 new episodes in season 5. FremantleMedia Australia will still be responsible for production that will premiere in 2017, according to their website.

Wentworth executive producer Jo Porter says that season five of Wentworth will be up to the script producer, Marcia Gardner, and the writing team to provide the fans with more ?unexpected twists and turns?. Porter also says that the writing team will ?shape the next chapter for our regular characters, along with some new faces in the yard and on the outside.?

Porter?s statements could be a cause for speculation if there will be a new top dog besides Kaz, who is the current top dog. If Bea does not survive, then a new top dog will have to find its way into Wentworth. This may be the case if Kaz, who will be serving twelve years in prison, does not do a good job at it.

Wentworth season 4 finale left viewers with Kaz as top dog, Allie alive and barely well, Bea bleeding on the street, Ferguson exonerated, Nils dead and Jake under Ferguson?s control. Furthermore, Liz gets a whiff of how crazy Sonia may be. This could be the new plot that Wentworth writers could work on. The viewers actually do not know a lot about Sonia Stevens. The only thing that was led on until the end of season 4 was that Sonia may be innocent. However, with the new evidence presented in the season 4 finale, it created a gateway for people to think that Sonia really is a killer.

Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Finale

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