Wentworth Season 4 Episode 11 Spoilers: The End is Near [POLL]

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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

As the season finale draws near, the ?Wentworth? season 4 episode 11 promo enticed its viewers with a blurry image of what could be happening in the upcoming episode. The promo shows that there will be an intricate fight for the Top Dog label as Kaz teams up with Tina and Juice?s gang.

In the previous spoilers sent out, the article only focused on Jake Stewart being a drug dealer with deals gone bad. It also featured Bea and Kaz?s fight for Top Dog. Recently, a Tumblr account posted some spoilers that could possibly satisfy every fan?s fix for what?s coming next. It is unsure if the information provided will be until the end of the season 4, so take the information with a grain of salt.

Bea Smith

Bea Smith is gaining popularity with fans with her relationship with Allie Novak. In the previous episode, Bea was seen taking care of Allie after finding out that Allie was the one who saved her. According to the Tumblr post, Bea has made difficult decisions and had a rough patch throughout this season. She even self-harmed because she was tired of being the Top Dog. However, with the episode 11 promo, Bea might be in a really tight situation with Kaz teaming up with the rest of the prisoners to bring her down. Will Allie and Bea?s crew come to her defense? Will her relationship with Allie affect or cloud her judgement?

Elizabeth ?Liz? Birdsworth
Liz didn?t have as much screen time as she did during the first three seasons. However, she is there to look after Sonia Stevens, who viewers found out in episode 10 was pretty freaky. At the end of episode 10, while Bea took care of Allie in a cell, Liz was trying to get her sleep back only to see Sonia right outside her door window staring at her. Could Sonia know what Liz is trying to do?

Karen ?Kaz? Proctor

Bea isn?t the only one that?s been having a rough time in the prison. Kaz, the new inmate who entered at the end of season 3, has played a major role in Bea?s rough patch. Kaz, earlier in the season, teamed up with ?The Freak? and basically made Bea?s life in the prison impossible. With Kaz?s feministic ordeals, she usually finds herself in trouble most of the time. She also found out about Joan Ferguson being the one who called the authorities that landed her a 12-year sentence. According to the Tumblr post, Kaz will again be teaming up with Joan and another inmate, Tina. They ask the question of whether Kaz will actually want to be the Top Dog.

Joan ?the Freak? Ferguson

Joan has been on a streak of leaving things as broken as she is. She has killed, manipulated and played with a lot of people including the inmates. Now that she is in the prison that she used to run, many people are against her. Her only friend and crewmate, Kaz, now knows that she was the one who got Kaz in the prison. In the upcoming episode, she met ?her day of reckoning? meaning that she will have her trial set, and she will know if she will do time. In the post, there is a red bubble that says ?Finale Shocks.? Read what Pamela Rabe says about her character Joan. Do you think Joan Ferguson will get a life sentence?

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