Wentworth Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Jake Stewart?s True Colors

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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 11 recap
Wentworth Season 4 Episode 11 recap

?Wentworth? Season 4 Episode 11 had fans pining as it is the second to the last episode of Season 4. The writers are definitely rocking down the house as the events of this episode had viewers on their toes. Have you watched this episode yet? If you haven?t, check out the last page of this article.


The episode started with Ferguson talking about trust. She is seen talking to Shayne, Jianna?s son, about a cardboard box that?s inside a vent in her home. Shayne is currently staying in Ferguson?s home. Shayne finds the box and sees all the letters his mother wrote to Ferguson. Furthermore, he also sees the newspaper cutouts of Will Jackson. Ferguson tells Shayne that he?s the one who ruined his life and took him from his mother. He even finds photos of him as a child. Ferguson says that Jackson did not only ruin Shayne?s life but also hers.

Kaz forming her alliance

Bea and Allie are seen garbed in their robes heading towards the bathroom. Both are smiling as they play around with each others hands. The intercom then announces something, and Bea notices Juice and her gang looking at her and Allie. Bea puts her arms around Allie and continues to walk with confidence. Meanwhile, Kaz walks through with her crew. Bea gives her a look, and Kaz kind of flips out. Kaz goes to Tina and tries to form an alliance to take down Bea. However, all Tina cares about is selling her drugs. Kaz tugs at Tina?s past with Bea. Tina says, ?We take Bea down. You be Top Dog and look after my sh*t.? However, Kaz says she doesn?t want to be top dog, and Tina?s ways are against her principles. Tina says to go f*ck her principles. Kaz then leaves Tina?s cell.

Ballie in the house!

Allie and Bea are together and Bea is doing Allie?s hair. Bea tells Allie a bit about her past as a hairdresser. They talk, flirt and kiss. Officer Miles comes into the bathroom out of nowhere with Ferguson tailing behind her. Miles tells the two women to finish up and take it back to their cell block. Ferguson peers in.

On the other hand, Jake goes and talks to Vera. Vera lets him in into her office, and Jake pulls her in to kiss her. Jake tries to undress Vera, but she says not in her office (or the prison for that matter.). Jake says he really came in to ask for a salary advance if possible. Vera tells him that it?s against department protocol. He tells her a story about something he could get on a downpayment of $20,000, and he?s $10,000 short. However, Vera says it?s really against protocol, and Jake leaves.

Cafeteria fight

In the cafeteria, Doreen grabs her food and thinks of where to sit. She looks over at Kaz, who has a smug look on her face. Bea calls her over and nods her head to the chair across from her. Doreen sits down, and Boomer complains. Bea shushes Boomer. Liz asks if Doreen is alright. Doreen says that she?s the talk of the prison. Bea holds a sausage, and Boomer says, ?Hey are you going to eat that now that you?re a vagitarian?? Sonia says it?s very witty. Boomer says she?s had thoughts about Bea before so she reckons that makes her bisexual. Sonia says that she might just be ?bea?-sexual. The table snickers, and Boomer high fives Sonia for being witty too. Bea says that Allie needs to get going as she has her sentencing today.

As Allie walks away, Kaz takes her by the wrist and asks if Bea is trying to humiliate her. Allie responds by saying, ?Yeah because it?s all about you Kaz.? Bea comes and intervenes in the situation. Bea threatens Kaz by saying that if she touches Allie again, she will break Kaz?s arm. Bea leaves and goes after Allie leaving Kaz with an annoyed look on her face. Kaz goes to the kitchen where Tina works and says, ?F*ck it. I?ll do it.? Basically, Kaz agrees to being Top Dog and will protect Tina?s gear business in the prison.

Franky visits Bea

Bea gets another visit from Franky who updates her about Shayne. Bea asks a lot of questions and wonders what Ferguson could want from Shayne. Franky changes the topic by asking Bea how her lovelife is. Bea smiles like a little child. Franky asks if she has tried the ?McMuff?. Bea tells her to piss off jokingly, but she answers, ?Not yet.? (This means she wants to try it, right?). Franky says that it tastes like chicken, and Bea takes her seriously by saying, ?Really?? Franky laughs as she says no.

Meanwhile, Vera tells Will in the locker room to tell Jake to meet her in her office. Jake goes to Vera?s office. She hands him an envelope and tells him that it?s a loan. He checks the contents of the envelope and sees a wad of money. Jake thanks her and says he will pay her back with interest.

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