?Wentworth? Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Who is Smitten and Why?

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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

?Wentworth? Season 4 Episode 10 has Ballie fans jumping up and down as the previous Episode 9 broke some hearts. Episode 10 has shed some light on the Ballie relationship, and it is gearing towards its season finale soon. According to previous articles, ?Wentworth? Season 4 will only have 12 episodes, and Foxtel has not said a word about having more episodes in this season. This episode is titled Smitten. Find out why.




?Wentworth? Season 4 Episode 9 left viewers with Allie snorting up cocaine in the equipment room in the kitchen. ?Wentworth? Season 4 Episode 10 opens with Allie in the courtyard high as a kite. The women are pushing her around, and she is making out with a lot of other girls. Some of them were pulling Allie towards them while Allie throws herself at some of them. Bea goes to the courtyard and looks worried. She asks Liz and Boomer what?s going on, to which they reply she?s on drugs. Allie accidentally hits Tina and a fight starts to brew. Tina?s crew holds Allie and starts beating her up. Kaz tries to go to the rescue along with Bea and Officer Jake. Kaz asks Bea if she will take care of Allie. However, Bea denies Allie and tells Kaz that ?she?s all yours.?

Franky the Paralegal

Franky calls someone who is handling Jianna?s son, Shayne Butler?s case. She tells them on the phone that their legal team at Legal Relief could handle the case. However, the head of the firm says that they already have their hands full. Franky plays the ?aboriginal child? card and the case gets accepted if Franky writes a good case to reduce Shayne?s sentence.

Prison tension

Maxine goes back to the prison block with Liz, Boomer and Sonia. Boomer comes out telling Maxine that she?s ready to have the baby as she?s ovulating. Boomer asks how the sperm will go in. Maxine says that she will have to go to the center where the sperm is kept, and they will take care of it.

Meanwhile, out in the corridor, Allie goes to Tina (to get more drugs probably). However, Tina picks a fight while Kim stops her. Bea comes walking around the corner (as if she was stalking Allie) when Kaz comes waltzing down the corridor to grab Allie. However, Bea grabs Kaz by the arm and tells Kaz that she is supposed to be taking care of Allie. Kaz replies that Allie was fine before Bea showed up in her life.

Franky and Shayne

Shayne goes into where Franky works as Franky needs to interview Shayne since it was ordered by her superior. The introduction didn?t go so well since Shayne seemed a bit nonchalant and fed up with the ?system.? Franky tries to establish rapport, but Shayne seems as if he doesn?t care. Franky takes off her jacket showing off all her tattoos, which gains Shayne?s interest and shows his own. Shayne tells Franky that she doesn?t look like a lawyer to which Franky wittingly replies that he doesn?t look like a criminal. Franky tells him that she could help him get his sentence reduced, but they have to work together. They talk, and Franky asks who can vouch for him. He says his Auntie Joan. She pretends that she doesn?t know. Shayne says that Joan is his godmother and describes her as ?that chick from 101 dalmatians,? Cruella de Vil.

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