Wentworth Season 4 Episode 1: Where To Watch Online [Spoilers] – Part 1

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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers
Wentworth Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers

Oh yes! Wentworth does not like to disappoint their fans when it comes to releases. Episode 1 was shown yesterday, May 10, to give you a start of another season packed with exciting revelations once again.

Here at The BitBag, the team is pretty sure you are looking for links or at least a recap of what happened on the latest episode. So without any more rambling from the team, you can use the links below to watch the latest episode of Wentworth Season 4. Beware of YouTube links looking for views, so here?s some help. Please take these links with a grain of salt as the team have not thoroughly checked the links for malware and are not affiliated with any of these sites.

Link Stream 1: Wentworth Season 4 Episode 1
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Link Download 1: Wentworth Season 4 Episode 1

This recap will contain spoilers, so don?t be mad at us as you?ve been warned.

The first episode of Wentworth?s season 4 was dubbed as the ?First Blood?. Previous speculation suggested that Kaz Proctor, played by Tammy McIntosh, would do something to Red. The episode opens with Red riding in a prison van with the other prisons, then moves onto Frankie being interviewed by a radio station about how to survive inside the prison.

Guess who the new governor is? If you guessed Vera, then you?re right! Furthermore, it seems that Bea is still the ?Queen Bea? as she was given offerings after the prison van arrived to Wentworth and moved back into their cells. Kim, Frankie?s ex-girlfriend, comes into the scene looking all battered and aloof possibly from drugs. Doreen?s boyfriend Nash has been released from prison after being set up by Ferguson in the previous season for drug trafficking as the charges against him were dropped.

New characters, new rules

A new character named Allie Novack introduces herself and says that Kaz wanted to meet Bea wherein Bea?s posse comes in saying that Kaz would have to meet Bea. Moreover, Bea gets called into the governor?s office, which is now Vera, and talks to her about the new wing the prison is going to have as well as new programs for the prisoners. Vera said she will need Bea?s help in order to have the prison drug-free, and Bea asks for conjugal visits for the prisons in return.

Kaz then meets Bea at the laundry room where she spitefully welcomes her back to the prison after a hiatus, which is still yet to be revealed why. Frankie and Bridget look like they are having the time of their lives living together while back in the prison Boomer, Maxine and the rest of the gang are having a party. Bea, on the other hand, feels imminent danger.

Blast from the past, Ferguson is back

During the night, a van comes in and guess who is in there? Ferguson the Freak! She will also be staying in Wentworth! Everyone else working in the prison thinks it?s a crazy idea as well that she is staying there. However, Vera makes sure that everyone knows that it is temporary and only until her trial though she also does not know the reason why Ferguson is there. Vera even visits Ferguson?s cell to find out. It ends up that Ferguson wanted the transfer since she wanted to see what the prison looks like while an intense conversation ensues between them.

Out in the courtyard, the prisoners are together with Kim climbing up the fence and cutting herself, obviously she has taken some form of drugs to which the camera pans to Bea?s disgusted face about the whole ordeal.

This is only part one of the recap. A lot has already happened. Here?s the link to the second part of the recap.

Have you watched the episode? Come and discuss if the recap is good for those who have not viewed it yet. If you haven?t viewed it yet, read about what the others have said about it!

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